Friday, August 06, 2004

.:Random Tidbits:.

Carl and Dom were planning on watching a specific film (The title escapes me right now...), and I found it funny if it just so happened that only the two of them went. That'd be soooo sweet.

I was at the shop yesterday (Instead of going with Sacha to Ayala to watch the Imperial Circus…), and aside from a bunch of Magic Games I played, there was this funny bit of dialogue that happened...

Chicco: Okay din ito si Ron, ano? Pag dumaan ako sa likod niya, hindi talaga ako makikita sa laki niya!

Marcelle: Doesn't happen too often to you, does it, Chicco?

Chicco: Loko 'to, ah!

.:Weekend Plans:.

This Friday, we'll be in Roxas Boulevard for some poi spinning again. This Saturday, after the Sugarfree concert (Abby reminded me of the fact...) in Galleria, I plan to have more poi spinning in Eastwood this time... guys interested should be at these places in the evenings on these days...

A Story Fragment by Marcelle T. Fabie

Kier and Mina locked eyes intently. This was now personal. Kier gritted his teeth as Mina looked at him unblinkingly. It was an intense moment, and you could cut the tension with a knife, and even fillet it some more. The atmosphere was simply electrifying inside the bedroom now that the two of them are alone.

It would only be a matter of time before things got too hot to handle.

”So you think you're good enough to take me on?”

”Quit goading me into this, Mina. I'm experienced. I know precisely what I'm doing.”

"Really? Then pray tell... why did this guy, Ric, get lucky with me last night? You always thought he was nothing compared to you, but apparently, he's much better than you are. I don't think you can... perform half as well as he can, dearie."

"Oh. Is that so? Well, you're just trying to get under my skin to get me all hot and bothered, but it's not going to work, Mina. I'm on top of you every step of the way."

Throwing all caution to the wind, Kier makes his move.

"Pawn King-Four. Check, Mina."

Mina smiled casually at Kier's risky gamble. She knew what was coming, and she knew that very moment in whose hands the game would end up going to...

She then rolls her eyes, gets up without another word, and turns. He stares at her as she walks away, completely aghast.

Checkmate, Kier.

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