Monday, August 30, 2004


Someone once told me that I look a bit like Oliver Twist when I wear a beanie... oh, well... it's a hard luck life for us. It's a hard luck life for us... heh. I love that song. I know it's from Annie, but it sure sounds about right, given the input... heh.

.:The Inspiration... Bwehehehe:.

Actually, last night was a very busy spinning night for us. There were officially only four spinners present last night: Jeff, Kathy, Krisette, and myself. The other spinning group (Kathy's friends.) was present, but they were only practicing in between sets. They lit up a brand new set of poi, though. Most impressive, to say the least. There were moments Krisette was hovering dangerously along batting for the other team while she was looking at Anna, though... heh.

In any case, I was rather primed to go that night. It was mostly singing night for most of us, as Dominique and Krisette were exchanging different songs, ranging from Elton John to Simon and Garfunkel. Of course, Krisette was still trying to drill “You're the Inspiration” into my head, in reference to someone... heh. I swear, joking around with Krisette on this topic would get me shot. Mr. and Mrs. Chua were there for a while, but then went to watch a movie. Ching also passed by for a few moments. Oh, well...

So there we were, spinning here and there, and Paulino, one of the guys from the other group, was telling me that he liked my seemingly “intoxicated” performance especially during the single poi bits, as it seemed, given my head movements, that I was either drunk or drugged while I was performing (Obviously not the case. Way too dangerous.). I guess I had to find a unique niche, given everyone else is better than I am in both groups, anyways... heh.

Paulino: So. Had any bad accidents yet?

Marcelle: None. I'm the most cautious spinner in the group.

Paulino: Given those neck wraps you've been doing, I find that hard to believe...

Hmmm... that's true, though.

When the other group got to performing in between sets, though, they were nothing short of impressive. I guess only Kathy and Erick could potentially keep up with those guys... but then, Erick wasn't there that night.

As usual, I was doing my DJ schtick. Heh. Funny stuff, really. And we had an extremely appreciative audience that night. Can't thank them enough for it, really.


That night was a night of coincidences, all the same. Saw a lot of people whom I knew either from high school (Markee Jalandoni comes to mind.), or even someone who was my student for a day when I substituted for Mr. Bulaong one time. There was even a point where someone asked to take a picture with me, and Dominique promptly pimped me as the “WAVE dj dude”. Highly appreciated... heh.

To top even that, some 14-year old girls were allegedly calling me “cute” while I was spinning... must take comments like that with a grain of salt... heh.

However, I really enjoyed talking with Anj, that one-time student I had. She was very nice, and she really seemed thrilled with the stuff we were doing. However, later on in the night, Dominique made a comment about her that made me realize why he noticed all too well the design on her t-shirt... my goodness. Boys will be boys, indeed...

.:Dance Maniax, Revisited:.

I finally had a Dance Maniax session after almost a month of not trying, and Krisette was the one who ended up seeing my rather unorthodox dance steps. Nonetheless, it was fun, and before my turn, I tried (Really hard.) to teach her how to do it. Unfortunately, my attempt at teaching her how to play Dance Maniax didn't really pan out too well... oh, fudge. But it's okay. At least I know I still have the stroke when it comes to Dance Maniax... did pretty well with “All My Love” and “Locomotion”...


Apparently, a good chunk of the group hitched with Kathy homeward bound that night. The fun thing about the whole deal was that we were mostly conversing about kung-fu film stereotypes, as well as Zhang Ziyi and her detachable clothing in Hero. Oh, well. Really funny stuff, and I'd like to think that the group is getting somewhere as far as friendships go.

Kathy was initially hesitant to re-sign with Eastwood, but after the bonding session last night, she's actively considering it. No promises, though. I can't speak for her.

I honestly cannot be Kantian about spinning: it's not a moral question, after all. As such, if Kathy doesn't re-sign, I, as well as people like Peppy, aren't likely to keep spinning, either, as there's one thing we share with Kathy that would get jeopardized if she's no longer around: we spin because spinning is fun. The moment it stops being fun, the moment it becomes about other things, be it chicks (Or cats.) or the Benjamins, is the moment we'd reconsider this whole spinning deal.

It just gets disappointing when people don't see things that way and do things for all the wrong reasons. It's such a waste of time, truth be told. It does nothing but cause trouble, and it complicates things that weren't supposed to be complicated to begin with. Hence, needless to say, my respect for such company that night (From Dom to Kathy to Krisette.) has gone up by quite a significant notch. I'd like to think that in spite of being the youngest in the group last night, I still managed to carry myself decently enough, but it's not my call at this point, but theirs. I'll leave myself at their mercy for comment... heh.

.:I Miss Him. I Miss The Man I Was With You...:.

The Man I Was With You
by Jimmy Bondoc

Listen just hear me out
Yes I know we agreed
When we break up we'd never give in to this need
To admit to each other
I miss you

Listen just hear my cry
No I won't break my word
If I do say I miss you it would never be heard
Let my heart whisper
All that it needs to


How could you make me take a start?
Then just leave me here hanging
Can't even say how I'm feeling
How could you make then break my heart?
If I can't say that I miss you
Let me say one last thing


I miss him
And all the things he could do
Yes/oh, I miss him
Just as much as I miss you
Oh, I miss him
I know you're wondering who
Yes, I miss him
I miss the man I was with you
Oh I would never be the same

Listen just hear my voice
Can you hear all the tears?
That i'm planning to hide
For the next thousand years
Just as long as you know that
I love you

(Repeat Refrain, then Chorus, except last line)

How can I be blind then find the light?
How can I find the kind of right?
How could you take away my sight?
How could you lose me in the night?
Then you took away the heart in me
Now I'm losing this fight
No I would never ever be the same

Ooh.. ohh

Oh, I miss him
And all the things he could do
Yes, I miss him
Just as much as I miss you
Oh I miss him
I know by now you know who
Yes, I miss him
I know by now you know who
I miss him
I miss the man I was with you

Oh, I would never be the same


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