Wednesday, September 29, 2004

.:The Plan, Man, Part II:.

Oh, look! It seems to me that we're going to have Videoke this Saturday! :D Thank you very much, Kathy!

.:Last Night:.

I hitched with my mom back home after Heidegger class, as she'd rather fetch me from school than let me sleep over at my aunt's house, considering how beeyatchy my aunt can get about stuff like that. While on our way home, she was telling me how my rapport with George has improved and how funny it was when George was complimenting my new hairstyle, and then how she pointed out that I was blushing... oh, well. Heh. Funny stuff, really.

.:I Wasn't Supposed To Be Explicit, But...:.

Some people just really made my day... I'm really happy about it...

First person to greet me, I believe, was Isis. It was late in the evening, but i got it in the morning. I was pretty appreciative of it. A few other people also greeted me, Abby for one, telling me that now, I've already debuted. There were a couple of other interesting ones, all the same. Emily, Chiyo, Andrea, April, Peppy, and Daph also greeted, and of course, my dear dear Grace greeted me with a very heartfelt message that's a bit embarrassing to divulge in public (Too many compliments for my own good.)... She also sponsored my haircut, by the way.

happy birthday JABRONI! :D
the chinese marry young,
and you are old :P
j/k bwehehehehe :)

- John

No, not John, Ching's husband. Just plain John. And no, I'm not going to take Peppy's advice and invite Ching to Saturday by asking her husband, THEN telling John he's not invited. :D

Still, I really liked this message. It was pretty funny...

But then, I'm fairly grateful for a couple of others...

Is it your bday, Kel? Hapi bday! Dat makes u a Libran. Juz lyk me. I bet u didnt knw dis... I'm actually the one who christened u as d mushroom... The here, there, and everywhere guy! I do wish you a show on your own. More power to you. You'll be the next Joe The Mango, I bet. Have a nice day!

- Gracie

Nope, not Grace, but someone named Gracie. I appreciated that one... I do remember it was her who called me "Kel the Mushroom" first, though...

Finally... as a backgrounder, here's what I sent to her...

GMail's conking out on me, but I just wanted to ask you to permit me to call you my best friend, even if just for today. Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful memories we shared, and I'm so glad that you and I have come a long way as friends.

Thank you very much for being the best friend I never had.

Her reply:

Hiya, Marcelle!

Sure. *grin* Who can deny that kind of request?

I've learned a lot from you, too, and I'm glad you practically
insisted on becoming friends.

I hope I give you more occasions to think of me as your best friend
(or pretty high up there, in any case) in the future. ;)

- Sacha

Fairly happy day, really. Was hoping for a movie date or something with Grace, or even the spinning company, but nothing worth watching (Especially since Dom won't watch Feng Shui again.) means I'll wait for the Punisher instead... :)

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