Thursday, September 09, 2004

.:Practice What You Preach:.

Pop quiz: where is the place you are least likely to keep a wallet you picked up for yourself?

Answer: In the Ethics class you happen to be teaching.

So I ended up coming across the wallet of one of my students after the class... I naturally have to give it back. Heh.

.:Back From The So-Called Dead:.

After all this time, I decided to contact one of my former best friends whom I stopped being best friends with not because of any fault whatsoever, but simply because we were forcibly wrenched out of touch. I gave Gladys a missed call, then I told her that it was Marcelle, and I wasn't sure if she remembered who I was. She then called me up all the way from Baguio, and we just talked for a few minutes and all...

I'm glad she's doing well. Gladys has been quite a wonderful friend, and it's good that we finally are in touch with one another again. Hopefully, we can swap stories with one another soon enough or something... I missed her company for the past couple of years already... sigh...

.:Please. Not This Nickname:.

Over the meeting yesterday, I was given a potential new nickname to replace "Kel the Mushroom"...

Robi wants to start calling me "Kel the Squatter".

Err... no, I don't think so! =)


After work with George for G-Max in the Morning, I headed off to Megamall to meet a listener friend of mine, Chy, who was in the country for the next week or so. With all the comedy of being "distracted" over persistent organic pollutants (POP's) possibly causing ::gasps:: sterility, and talking about contact lenses when both George and I have 20/20 vision, we just ended the show on a fairly competent note.

When I got down from Strata, I ran into Jack Sing, a batchmate of mine. Glad to see she's working now. It's fun running into her... one of those really nice Chinese friends of mine... oh, well. In any case, we just talked for a while, and then I headed off to Megamall while she and her workmates headed to Galleria. It wasn't long before I got to Starbucks, and finally met Chy in person.

Chy was nice. She's a really fun person to talk to, and I was glad I took the time out to just have coffee with her for a short while. We just talked about how things have been going, the Drive and Grind, my current boardwork, friends and lovers, and then we set up another chance to meet up, this time in the company of even more friends. I'm hoping Grace can tag along with me...

Thanx for the great time, Chy!

.:Open Your Minds:.

It would appear to me that I might hit on a lot of nerves when I talk about this little nagging topic, but I don't really mind. I think it's time I got this out in the open...

Everyone and their mothers know that I'm a pluralist. I take in any point of view, see its merits, appreciate it, then take the path I wish to take, regardless. All paths, as far as I see, have their merits and faults. However, seeing all of them, I would be a fool to not take one to get where I want to go. I cannot take all, either. I can only choose from those that I see, or else, not taking a path means I am being a bigger fool than the most fanatical of fanatics.

In spite of that, I personally know that to keep the peace, there are two topics that need to be avoided in conversation: politics and religion. These two topics are so filled with divergent opinions that it's hard to not step on some toes...

So it's with a lot of disdain that I stumbled upon THIS website, where the Ang Dating Daan church, for the most part, is represented. I honestly think these people mean well and believe what they believe, but for them to lambast every other belief is just simply too much.

I am just simply not too fond of people who wish to debilitate the beliefs of other people, while remaining obstinate to the faults of their own.

Much as I wish to speak out more, I am afraid that in debunking their arguments, I end up saddling myself with them, which is hardly my intention here...

And so, I'll save this vituperation for another day.

That website is testament to what is so saddening in this world nowadays...

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