Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Managed to invite quite a few people to my celebration on Saturday lately... among them would be JayBee Jariol from DWLS (Too bad Jason can't go... I'll see about the pics, though...), and an old friend from my Dr. Barbazza Philosophy 103 class, Emily Fenix. Most of the others are usual suspects I've either invited before, or hang around enough with lately to assume I'd be inviting them. Too bad Tsumenki can't go, though... oh, well.

I figured an alternate ending for the short story I wrote yesterday (“Torn”.) would be interesting to do. I figure I can do that tomorrow, or maybe even later than that. Fact is, the ending is a make or break thing. You might hate this alternate ending or simply like it. I don't think it's meant to be anything special, though. Just a cynical and antagonistic way of looking at the story otherwise.

If you're lost in the back story I conveniently left out in “Torn”, feel free to look up the triple Flash Fiction I wrote some time ago entitled “Three's A Crowd, Two's Company, One's Misery”. Those characters in there are the same characters in “Torn”, which explains why I fully intend to make an alternate ending to this story by way of an epilogue. Should be interesting, to say the least.

.:The Reason:.

I recently discovered that the main reason I was having problems with my Magic deck was that aside from the mis-synergy of my cards (I recognized that from the moment I put the deck together.), I simply had too few lands. Apparently, 22-26 lands in the Type I environment is a must, and you ought to have at least two or three Wastelands in your deck if you want to deal with your opponents decently enough. Oh, well. I should keep that fact in mind, and start looking for a set of Wastelands...

Hopefully, I'd be able to improve the deck by the time we get down to it.


I've been busy with boardwork lately, and it was pretty funny how “Kel the Mushroom” really tends to get catchy nowadays. I guess it'd really work for the most part. Robi and I have been doing well as a tandem, all the same. I think we have a pretty good chemistry going.

.:Thank You!:.

In advance, I'd like to thank all the people who would actually take the time out to write me letters to recoup the memories that got ::sobs:: deleted when my cellphone got its memory corrupted and lost all my text messages. Sentimental sap that I am, these (preferably) handwritten letters would hopefully make up for all those wonderful text messages I've had for over the past year or so.

I'd also like to extend my gratitude to Abby for the interesting exchange of future plans we had last night. It's been a rarity for me to speak to you nowadays, so you just know how much I appreciate all that. My wholehearted thanks to you.


Methinks I'd need to sleep over at my aunt's house this evening. I'm exhausted as Hades, and going there instead of taking the long way home after class would surely be such a boon to me... oh, well. May as well go for it.

Lots of other things to plan for all the same. For those who don't realize it, the “Vindication” series is actually a symbolic story. Notice how Benoit is trying to hold two titles at the same time in the story (Although the stipulation clearly prevents him from doing so...), and how this whole situation would end up... I'd have to point out that I really am putting a lot of stock into the symbolic value of the story, more than anything else about it... you just have to be sharp enough to take note of it.

.:Borderline Flaming:.

Sometimes, I tend to be a wee bit too brutally candid with my statements. I guess this would be one of those times when I owe an apology, but then, you have to admit, the statement was somewhat witty on its own...

In the “What Makes You Laugh?” thread:


Now, a one-word post like that deserves to be reminded that it's not in compliance with the rules. My way of putting it was a wee bit too... intense, but I think the point was made painfully clear...

Nothing? Well, then stop posting here. Quit being a post whore.


I find it funny how some people tend to forget that these boards are not spamming grounds for them...

My bad. I was being rather tactless, but I couldn't resist at that point. I'll try my best to not let it happen again...

.:Will You Remember?:.

Then again, some of you probably won't. Doesn't matter. It's not like my s**** count would drop if you didn't.

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