Tuesday, September 07, 2004

This is not revenge...


After this semester, it looks like my partner in Dr. Ibana's Ethics class will be resigning from the department. Camillo wanted to take a break from the academe for a while, and needless to say, I have essentially been asked to sign a death warrant for next semester. Given a student load of a hundred and eight, it's quite apparent that I'd have major problems dealing with the workload, as having me and Camillo working on it was difficult enough as it were.

I await the challenge. Maybe I can prove myself ready to teach classes by next schoolyear after this run... one can only hope.

.:I Thank You:.

Thank you for giving me your time, busy as you were, to hear me out. I know I can be finicky at times, and I know that I seem to be so uptight about the weirdest things, but hearing what you told me a couple of nights ago has alleviated my worries somewhat, though needless to say, I would still venture, regardless.

Thank you so much.


So Grace finally managed to drop by Hobby Haven, and she now knows the people I hang around with at the store. She was bored at first while playing Phone Marble, but when I finally got done with playing Magic, I turned my attention to her and Peppy and I then began to teach her how to play Guillotine. She enjoyed the game a lot, though she hasn't really mastered it yet. And no, she absolutely refuses to learn to play Magic... her reasoning was if she couldn't get the hang of RAW Deal, much less could she get the hang of Magic... oh, well. Heh.

In any case, we never finished the game, really. Still, my black Null Brooch deck hasn't been doing so bad, even though I was facing a powered Tendrils deck that is capable of going off as soon as Yawgmoth's Bargain is in play. Way I see it, the best way to beat that is to go pure blue and make use of Arcane Laboratory and Null Brooch. Oh, well...

Grace had fun at Hobby Haven on her first visit. I'm glad she liked it. Nothing like making my best friend very happy...

.:At Peppy's House:.

So Jayca tagged along with us on the way to Peppy's house, and Peppy reminded me of my favorite dog in their place... beeyatch (Literally.). While we were there and we had dinner, at the last possible moment, Peppy's mom shows up with what looked like really delicious spaghetti. Deciding that we've all had more than enough, we turned it down, and then Peppy rushed up to copy his video clips of me fire-spinning onto my diskette. Much to his surprise, when he got down, Grace, Jayca, and myself were already eating the spaghetti. It was too good to resist... heh.

.:The End Of The Road... For Now:.

What a hot, hot guy... literally.

There’s little else to be said beyond this. Friday night was our last official night at Eastwood, until we negotiate for a new contract, which I am quite certain would take a bit longer than one week. Grace was there with us, as the whole head count turned out to be: Peppy, Krisette, myself, Grace, Jayca, Kathy, Erick, Carl, Dominique Park, Herbz, and Melai (A friend of Krisette's, I believe.). At one point, Kathy failed a Diplomacy check, though it's not really such a big deal, per se. Someone named Maribeth even asked about the possibility of getting Kathy and some other spinners for SMB Oktoberfest, which sounds positively great.

In any case, spinning was a lull for the most part, because the rain hampered our performance quite a bit. Requisite acquaintances of mine dropped by, and it was entertaining for the most part to be joking around with Krisette about the Peter Cetera songs, with matching actions, although the song was definitely going out to someone more relevant at the time (Of course neh?)...

After some spinning while it was still drizzling, I hit my knee sharply with the poi, causing me to be limping for the rest of the night. My kneecap got busted there big time... that hurt like Hades... heh.

At the same time, I later on hit my left elbow with the poi. Yet another non-burning injury, so I'm immensely glad this is our last night in Eastwood for now, until we get a new contract or something...

After a while, Kit and another blockmate of Peppy's showed up. The moment Kit started watching on his own, the mishaps began to happen often... the neck wraps were still fine (Wait until you see the video! Just need to figure out how to upload it...), but at one point during my single poi routine, the plaza floor, being wet due to the rain, caused me to slip flat on my back. Suddenly, a crowd started building up after that... no major slip-ups, though... heh. Pun not intended.

To think I introduced myself as “Kel of WAVE 89.1” prior to that one...

Marcelle: ... we'd really appreciate any contributions to our cause, dahil tumataas na ang presyo ng gasolina. Kailangan pa ba i-memorize iyan?

Dominique, for a good chunk of the night, was still ribbing me about his encounter with Sandara Park, though... gakk.

Anyways, after that, everyone went off, and hitching with Peppy were myself, Carl, Erick, Jayca, and Grace.

Marcelle: Carl? Chinese, check. Glasses, check. Flat-chested, check. Female? Well... as Peppy would put it, three out of four isn't so bad...

Carl: Get off, Marcelle!

Marcelle: With pleasure. ::winks::

Double meaning stuff was the order of the night, especially with the “T-Front” attire I was propositioning. It was hilarious, though I can only hope we get to spin again in Eastwood soon enough.


I ran into Atty. Perez this Monday, on my way to WAVE (Yes, Robi had Monday sickness again. I'm grateful Krisette and Lee kept me company via YM.)... it was an interesting run-in, although I don't think he knows me too well nowadays...

.:The Cat?:.

I won't show it here... heh.

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