Wednesday, September 08, 2004


My oral exams weren't so bad, and I really like Fr. David's outspoken approach to teaching. Nonetheless, I was asked two questions during the orals, and the first one from Dr. Rodriguez was fine enough, and was something I managed to answer quite well. The second one was from Mr. Mariano, who asked for a synopsis of Parmenides' poem. Man, that wasn't so easy.


Hardly boarded with Robi today... I'm actually doing more boardwork with Jda right now, as I stayed around for quite a long while.

So there goes the meeting already. It started as early as 1 in the afternoon, and we ended it at around 6 in the evening already. Lots of things have been discussed. Stuff like diction problems (Jda and I, if we ever become paired as a tandem on a regular basis, will call our show, "School Bulol", given our similar grammar problems. Heh.).

Food was great. Cream Cheese stuffed pizza is always good. But yeah, we had to thresh out issues like the abovementioned diction problem, as well as our lack of personality, how JAM 88.3, ever since being restarted, has been quite a force to be reckoned with as of late, and is now making WAVE feel the crunch when it comes to dropping sales and all. Lots of suggestions and ideas were thrown about, and I, personally, liked Robi's enthusiasm, although it does get misplaced from time to time in terms of feasibility.

Was curious about Ann's weblog, though. It'd be interesting to know what she has to say there...

Anyways, I did my first voicing for a plug tonight. The first one I expect to be aired, at least. It's for Market! Market!, which proves to be rather amusing...

Oh, well. I feel a bit good for the most part, though. The meeting had a good vibe to it, so contrary to what I was expecting. Or contrary to what I was used to elsewhere... ;)

They really want to work on me and Robi as a tandem, though. Unfortunately, my schedule this coming semester will prevent that from being fully realized. Oh, well.


I miss you... if you know who you are, I hope you feel the same way...

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