Thursday, September 30, 2004

I rewrote the short story, "Torn". Just a few changes, and added an alternate ending. Tell me which ending you prefer. The epilogue is the alternate ending. :)


I'm rather pleased as punch over how today turned out. I realize I've been rather busy and all throughout the day, but all of that was fairly worth it simply because of what happened...


Nothing like doing Waveback Wednesday on my own. I love the feeling of having free rein over the songs, as it simply left me in charge of playing songs I've been dying to hear, such as “Better Days” and “In My Life”. Other stuff I played were really great for the most part, and I even managed to play out some requests...

While I was on air, Dominique and I were chatting, and at one point, he requested for “You Can't Hurry Love” by Phil Collins. While I love the song, not only was the song not on our playlist, but it didn't seem like the perfect song to segue after playing “Someone To Watch Over Me”, as that was the only time I could put out the song he wanted to hear... heh. They really don't go together as a song sweep, I guess.

Stef, an avid WAVE listener, even called me up and gave me her greetings. At the same time, she really made my day by telling me how much she loved my tandem with Robi and all. I guess I haven't been doing so bad as of late, after all. Nonetheless, it was all good.

.:More Lovely Messages:.

Yes, these are the two people I know who look alike...

I can't believe that it's possible to make friends with someone during the last weeks of school. But by some twist of fate, it happened to us. Like there was one last chance for the two of us to become a part of each other's lives, and I'm thankful you took that chance with me. Happy birthday, Marcelle!

– Rowena

Thank you very much for that wonderful thought. I myself find it a genuine surprise that we managed to be such good friends, given how little time we had left. I guess some things were just meant to be, regardless of circumstances. Thank you very much all the same for having been such a great friend, Rowena. =)

Hi, Marcelle! :)

Happy, happy birthday! :)

I am still going to send you a belated birthday card but I would also like to greet you just in time for
your birthday. Thank God for emails indeed!

Anyway, birthdays are a best time to affirm special people like you. Since you became my student, I have
always marvelled at the keen sense of insight you have on looking at life and its many challenges and
surprises. I know that you have underwent many of these in your life. Yet, you have always managed to
deal with it and move on with life. I admire your maturity and resilience. Lastly, I also appreciate how
you try to take care of your relationships. I find it touching that you would keep in touch and update me
with your life after all these years. Thank you for being you, Marcelle.

I wish you a very fun and memorable birthday.

Take care and God bless you always.

Ma’am Sining :)

Hi, Ma'am! Thank you very much for taking the time out to greet me all the way from Switzerland. I hope you're having fun there, and the married life has been good to you so far. I sincerely appreciate still being able to keep in touch with you. You've been one of the teachers I've had who really played an important part in getting me to where I am now.

This has been such a memorable time...


After coming from Neutral Grounds, I eventually went home and managed to talk to April for a while. What started off as an invite to my birthday celebration ended up being a time where we talked about pluralism and religion. It was a really wonderful conversation to say the least, and it gave the both of us great insights into one another's respective points of view...

A Short Story by Marcelle T. Fabie

”Martin? You there?”

I woke up in the middle of the night, only to hear an all-too-familiar voice on the end of the other line. It was Geneva. The tone in her voice sounded rather different this time, though. Something was up, and I willed myself to stop being groggy.

”Yes, Geneva. Why?”

Hesitation from her end. I can tell Geneva was choosing her words carefully. Something was definitely amiss here, and I felt more and more alarmed.

”I think it'd be best if we talked about this face to face. Swing by my house in about an hour's time...”

”At this time? At your place? You realize how hard it is to commute to your house, don't you?”

”So take a taxi. Please. I'd really appreciate this. I have some roast Peking duck in the microwave to make it worth your while.”

”Fine. You win. I'll be there.”

I quickly freshened up and got changed. I got out of my house and took a cab all the way to her house in Cavite. Good heavens. Cavite. Here I was, sleeping soundly in my house in San Juan, and I'm headed to Cavite in the middle of the ruddy night. This had better be good, considering how underslept I've been for the past couple of weeks.

Then again, Geneva is my best friend. I don't think I could stay mad at her for long even if this turned out to be another one of those trivial “emergencies” of hers.

As expected, it took me over an hour to get to her place. I paid the cabbie, then knocked at her door. She promptly opened the door and then hugged me tightly. I sensed that she was very distraught.

”There, there, Geneva,” I said, as I cautiously patted her on the head, and began to feel teardrops on my shoulder. This seemed rather serious. “What's wrong?”

”It's Paul. He... he... broke up with me.”

It took me a moment or two before the news sank in. Paul is also a close friend of mine. I never even knew they were together to begin with. However, I realized now wasn't the time to confront her about her neglecting to tell me about this, so I decided to stay silent and let her do the talking. She was still hugging me, and I was still patting her head gently. I prodded her to continue.

”I'm sorry. I know I never told you. But I just thought you might be hurt, because...”

”Say no more. I understand. Just tell me what happened.”

”I-I didn't want to migrate with him to Germany. I just didn't want to.”

Geneva was trying to regain her composure, although she was still sniffling uncontrollably. Her attempts to stifle her tears were rather futile. Nonetheless, I then held her by her shoulders and looked at her. Her pretty face, marred by swollen eyes that have been crying for hours on end. She tried to force a smile, but she could hardly muster one at this point. A curious mixture of commiseration and hope came over me. I ignored this feeling, and focused my attention on her again.

”I don't blame you, Geneva. I understand how much your career means to you.”

I've known Geneva for years. She's a devoted career woman, who refuses to let anything, and I mean anything, get in the way. I've managed to precariously be her best friend for the past couple of years simply because I understood and respected that. She knew I was the last person to push her to do otherwise. That much, we had in common. I was pretty much as headstrong as she was for the most part.

”Breakups aren't that bad, Geneva. For all we know, he'd be running back to you by tomorrow, begging to be taken back. I know Paul. He loves you so much.”

”He's gone, Martin. Paul left for Germany just this morning.”


I was stunned. There was a sense of finality to the whole thing. Paul put Geneva on the spot with this one, and I can't help but feel that both of them are going to get really hurt with this. It's not like I can just call up Paul and try to change his mind about this. He's pushed through with going to Germany already.

Geneva began to get teary-eyed again. I led her to the couch and let her sit down, as I moved beside her. I tried to calm her, but she was already inconsolable.

I can't stand to see her cry.

It just wrenched at me that I was powerless to do anything about it. She loves Paul. That much was rather clear. I realized that they were bound to be together the moment I was with them in the Chinese restaurant. The way they held hands with one another that night told me all I needed to know. I knew it was wrong for me to have felt the way I felt about it at the time, but I couldn't have helped it.

”I don't know if I should just swallow my pride and follow him there... You know I... never felt this way about anyone before...”

I looked at her, alarmed at the rash proposition. ”Are you sure?”

”Y-yes. No. I-I don't know.”

”I figured as much.”

I've never seen Geneva seem this confused. It felt as though she had no idea what to do with her emotions. After all, Paul was the first person she ever got into a relationship with. Now, it's over, and the decision she had to make to get him back was anything but simple. I know Paul. It's not that he doesn't love Geneva, either. It's simply that Germany was always a dream for him. It was clearly a clash of egos, and the way I saw it, this would be a stalemate until the moment one of them buckled.

”You want me to talk to him? I can e-mail him or something.”

”No. You don't have to.”

It's really hard being close friends with the both of them. I can't think of two other people who were more adamant about what they wanted than they were.

She looked at me as I handed her a tissue to wipe her tears away. I realized that beneath the seemingly fragile exterior, Geneva was as tough as nails. Here she was, madly in love with Paul, and yet she still refused to let go of her career for him. I wished I knew how to make her feel better at this point, but it was really up to her how she wants to go about this...

”I'm sorry to hear all this.”

”I'm just grateful you're here, Martin..”

”I just wish I could do something...”

”Your presence is all I need. Thanks, Martin. I knew I could always count on you.”

Of course you could always count on me! Of course I'll always be there for you! As if there was any need to doubt that. It's clear as day that I...

... My thoughts get interrupted as she hugs me tightly again. Taken by surprise, I got knocked down on the couch, and she ended up rather close to me. Rather dangerously close to me...

She closed her eyes and I closed mine. We were coming even closer together. I felt her warm, sweet breath as our lips came closer and closer. I've been longing for this moment for years. I felt an intoxicating rush wash over me...

I pulled away at the last moment.

”I'm sorry, Geneva. I can't do this.”

”No. I'm sorry,” she begins. She starts speaking rapidly, in an attempt to save face. ”We're not supposed to be doing this. We're just best friends, right? No more than that. I don't love you, you don't love me, and...”

”I do, Geneva. I love you. With all my heart. That's precisely why this is not right.”

”I don't understand...”

”I wish I did.”

Geneva is my best friend. Nothing more.


”Don't go, Martin. You can stay. The guest room is ready.”

Was hoping Martin would stay. But it seemed he had other plans.

”I'm sorry, Geneva. I really don't think I should be staying right now.”

Noticed his furtive glances at the picture frame by the table. Seemed odd. Made me feel rather uneasy. Maybe he knew? Few people knew me better than he did, after all.

Martin then left the door without saying another word. No farewell. No goodbye hug. I guess I felt rather guilty about what happened, but I did what I had to do.

Soon enough, I heard footsteps coming down from the stairs. He was back.

”Hello there, dearie. How did it go?”

”I don't think you have to worry about Martin one bit. He really is just my best friend. You were wrong when you said he was head over heels in love with me...”

Still felt a bit guilty while Paul looked at me smilingly. Had no idea what to do next. This whole ruse is eating at me. Can't believe I'm thinking about Martin this much. Never really happened before.

”I know you feel a bit... disturbed... by all this. Despite that, I really think this was all for the best. The last thing we need is to have Martin become like just another one of those guys who likes you. I know it seems harsh of me, but Martin's still my friend. I think this proves why he's your best friend, all the same.”

I nod silently at Paul. This whole thing just felt wrong, but way he put it made me realize he really meant well. Finally managed to smile. Paul moves closer.

”Now... where was I before Martin got here? Oh, right...”

Paul moves even closer. He leans in for a kiss. Guilt evaporates in an instant.

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