Monday, September 13, 2004

.:Snooped Out:.

What’s up, dog?

Really eventful weekend, to say the least. I'm just a bit depressed because all of a sudden, not a single pet is left in the house...

Apparently, they decided to give away our pet beagle, Snoopy, to somebody else. I don't know who the new owner is, but all I can hope is that she wouldn't be having Snoopy for dinner any time soon. Sigh... I know our hentai dog is capable only of one trick (A dirty trick, at that.), but Snoopy was a really nice dog, who, in spite of being the quiet type, could be rather... affectionate, from time to time.

It's not going to be the same here at the house now, since Snoopy won't be wandering around anymore. I'm going to really miss that dog.

.:The Gayness!:.

I spent most of Sunday simply watching the WWE tapes Peppy recorded for me. At one point, I noticed a very amusing bit of dialogue between Chris Jericho and Eugene...

Jericho: Look here, Eugene. We've got a lot in common. Not only did we win our respective matches last Sunday night at Bad Blood, but we're both sexy beasts!

Jerry Lawler: Looks like Eugene's getting embarrassed, JR!

Jericho: That's right. I know you're a sexy beast, too...

W-ell... it's 2004. We don't judge. =)

.:Two Straight Dates:.

For two straight days, Grace and I have met. What was rather great about the whole thing is that Grace and I have been running rather smoothly in anticipation of our fifth anniversary as a couple. Last Saturday night, we watched “The Terminal”, which I ought to be reviewing sometime this week. After that, last Sunday, we ate at Tokyo Tokyo, which is simply one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, if only for the fact that you'd never leave that place hungry...

Anyways, what I found to be great about the whole thing was that we just really managed to spend some quality time with one another. It's been a while since we had simple dates where we just did nothing but enjoy one another's company. I guess I was really happy there. I'd like to think I made Grace happy, all the same.

Moments like these, the ambiguity in my life simply goes away... and I'm grateful for that.


Cleared out a lot of backlog this weekend. Very productive, indeed. I'm done checking the papers in my stock for the second long test, and I'm finished with 12 of the 15 or so pages I have for my Research class. It's really good, to say the least. I'm finally getting the hang of beating procrastination. Finally, I am now going to say goodbye to this habit of not doing things when I actually have the time to do it. At long last...

Nah. I'll talk about this tomorrow. =)

.:I Am Soooo Back:.

I'm the person with the second highest post count in the Otaku Boards, and it's pretty clear to everyone why by the time the weekend rolls by. I performed a valid Darth Paul Maneuver last Saturday, where I simply filled the first page of the Social Boards with my posts. Every post, top to bottom, was mine. Then, I performed a valid Xellos Sama Maneuver last Sunday, where all the last posts in the main page are mine. I could've done a Thundersenshi Maneuver on either day by doing both Maneuvers in one go, but I felt I didn't have that much to contribute to the discussion at either time.

At the very least, I think it serves as a clear reminder to everyone why I'm the top non-admin poster in the boards... but then, I've nothing to prove at this point. Everyone by now knows I'm capable of doing a hundred posts in a day if I was so inclined to, but I choose to limit it to a tolerable level... heh. It was just fun that the legal opportunity presented itself this weekend, and I managed to capitalize on it.

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