Wednesday, September 01, 2004


So I had an LRT card good for only one ride, and a brand-new one that hasn't been used yet. I was about to use up the LRT card with one ride on my way back home last night after Heidegger class (Again, the World of the 9:00 Bell on a Tuesday Night hit me... and the class knew about it, when I talked about homelessness and where my home was every tuesday night...). I went in, and was seated near the requisite Chinese girl (Whom I must've seen in Ateneo in an often capacity before. Was she a debater or something?) for the day.

I got off the LRT one station after she did, then I accidentally took out the new card. I punched it in, and it took off 9 bucks from my card. I then separated it from my old card (Which only had 9 bucks left in it.).

Next day, I inserted the old card again, expecting it to get rejected. Lo and behold, it got punched in. Even more surprising, the credit is now 22 bucks.

Oh, look. I've found a bug. The question is: am I evil enough to exploit it? Bwehehehe...

.:Another Chat Transcript...:.

I'm lazy. I won't format this at all... I'll let them speak for themselves...

The Magic Stick:

backpackerkathy: Jake, Marcelle's got his heart set on a firestaff
backpackerkathy: Should still be there...
backpackerkathy: Maybe they're just out of stock
lurch5038: long staff or short?
lurch5038: doubles?
backpackerkathy: dunno... Marcelle...
kel_891: Yes?
kel_891: Why?
backpackerkathy: What kind of staff...
kel_891: You know I love sticks.
kel_891: Hmmm... long enough.
kel_891: The ones you light at both ends.
backpackerkathy: You know it sounds wrong dear... of course anything from you SOUNDS BLOODY WRONG
kel_891: No fair.
lurch5038: lol
kel_891: I'm branded.


lurch5038: you guys know you dont *have* to use kevlar for wicking right?
lurch5038: it just holds up longer so you dont have to replace it as often
kel_891: Yep. Kathy told us so before.
backpackerkathy: Jake, you haven't seen the scars on my left arm from the time when I didn't use kevlar wicking
lurch5038: lol well what'd you use?
backpackerkathy: towel dear
lurch5038: cotton dies fast
kel_891: 'Sides, Kevlar's cool. The Punisher always wears it.
backpackerkathy: Cut up the towels at home... will make myself another set though since I've got a pair of jeans that have just given up...
backpackerkathy: It's the wire that i'm worried about
lurch5038: use the towel on the inside, and do a couple layers of the jeans over that
backpackerkathy: It's not about revenge marcelle...

The Only Gay Eskimo In Our Tribe...

backpackerkathy: Marcelle,
kel_891: Yep, Kathy?
backpackerkathy: YOu have to give my dad a hug when you see him
kel_891: Why, Kathy?
backpackerkathy: because he's paying for the wicks you guys will be using... I'm just paying for the monkeyfists
backpackerkathy: I love my parents
kel_891: W-ell... I can always thank him without hugging him... it does seem a bit awkward, don't you think?
kel_891: Although it is 2004...
backpackerkathy: Jake!!!!
backpackerkathy: I can't wait for the wicks
backpackerkathy: YAHOO *hugs*
backpackerkathy: Okay
kel_891: I couldn't even call your dad anything but "Mr. Chua"...
backpackerkathy: It's 2004 and we don't judge... so we'll move to Alaska where you can be the only....


I only noticed that I see one of them, at least one of them a day. One of them, apparently from Holy Spirit, walked by us just outside the booth just a few moments ago... oh, well. Cute... but then again, I can't do much about it...

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