Friday, September 10, 2004

So I decided to hang around Hobby Haven last night, and let's just say that I enjoyed my time there. Charlene was there, and she seemed to have a bad day, but everyone else was doing their job to pick her up. She had 9 Flat Tops that night. The sugar rush will be her undoing... heh. Just kidding.

In any case, after dinner at KFC, I was introduced to a Comm Junior, Janelle (Hope I got the name right.). It was fun talking to her, as she seemed to be in the dark about a lot of stuff that happened in my Comm batch. Moreover, when she started asking for tips on which teachers to get to manage graduating with Honors, I promptly threw around suggestions to her in Philosophy and Theology, as well as some Comm classes that should help.

After the whole thing, I became the "fall guy" for the night with Charlene, Mikko, Mog, Jason, and Jess in one car. The playlist was Boyz II Men in Spanish, along with a few other songs here and there, but every comment I made was met with good-natured ribbing (Especially the APO song I love so much... heh.), and I rode along with the whole thing.

When everyone else was gone after swinging by Hobby Haven again, Jess and I then just stayed silent for most of the way back. I owe her one yet again for that ride... But yeah, I figured that we needed the silence.

All in all, a lovely evening...

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