Tuesday, September 14, 2004

.:Uneventful Monday:.

For lack of a better term, this is precisely how I found my Monday to be. It really was that uneventful, even with the boardwork and all. I think the only relief I got from the whole thing were the nice cards I got for my deck, as that Mox Diamond sure works wonders in combination with the Crucible of Worlds. I guess that means I'll be putting off my heavy blogging for today...

The only thing of note, though, is the fact that Fr. Dacanay actually knows me by name. As he was never my teacher, I really am curious how he came to know.

And yeah, I do miss our dog. Dominique was telling me he also has a dog just like Snoopy, except theirs doesn’t do any… err… dirty tricks.


This guy is amusing as Hades. He heard about the M.O. of certain cellphone-stealing groups who slash your pants pocket to get your phone from me, and he was more worried about the damage done to his horribly expensive pants than he was about either the cellphone or his own life… it was hilarious talking to him. All that gayness overflowing from him was really funny, in class even.

Some snippets from the class today…

Marcelle: Didn’t you hear about the serial killer who killed gay people?

Camillo: That is soooo not true. I mean, that was all by chance. Unless you want to start it. You can kill me, then JC, then Dr. *****, Dr. ******, and Mr. *****, all from the Philosophy department…

Wow. Too much information.

And then this…

Marcelle: Bilang analohiya, dahil tatlo kaming nagwawasto ng mga papel, para kaming American Idol. Si Camillo si Simon, ako si Randy, at si Doc si Paula Abdul, kasi ang bait niya sa grades.

a Fictional Series by Marcelle T. Fabie

Author's Note: The characters depicted in this story are all copyright of the WWE. The storylines depicted are not necessarily reflective of the current storylines of the WWE.


Chris Benoit. World Heavyweight Champion. Since that magical night at Wrestlemania, he proved to everyone that he was for real, having defeated both Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a triple threat match. For the past few months, he has successfully defended his title against numerous different challengers, but now, a new challenge has arisen...

While Chris Benoit is part of the RAW roster, word has it that due to recent uncontrollable events, the Smackdown roster has a vacant World Title. Among all the titles in the WWE, Chris Benoit has never become the Smackdown champion, especially since the General Manager at the time, Paul Heyman, refused to give Benoit a title shot despite having earned it by winning the Royal Rumble.

After the RAW program has signed off, Benoit is approached by Tazz...

Tazz: Hey, Chris.

Benoit: Why?

Tazz: You won't believe the great news.

Benoit: What's this about?

Tazz: Everyone knows you always wanted to get the Smackdown WWE Title. Now's your chance.

Benoit: What are you talking about? I'm on RAW.

Tazz: Well, because of the huge gap in the Smackdown roster right now, Vince McMahon is grasping at straws, and let all the hopefuls for the Smackdown Title come from RAW, if needed be. You can do cross-brand shows all you want. But...

Benoit: But what?

Tazz: But there's a catch. You're the RAW Champion right now. The moment you become the number one contender for the vacant Smackdown title, you have to be stripped of the RAW title.

Benoit: Wait... “number one contender”? Who do I contend with if the belt is vacant?

Tazz: The plan is to have two number one contenders, Chris. Then, they'd have a match between the two of them to determine who gets to become the champion.

Benoit: But... the RAW title.

Tazz: Make up your mind, Chris.

Benoit looks long and hard at the belt on his shoulder. This was the symbol of eighteen years of hard work for him. He knows he earned this belt. Now, he's going to put it on the line in exchange for potentially nothing. But then again, he hasn't got anything to lose. It's not like he's a sure shot to be number one contender, and the moment he changes his mind, he can just go back being RAW-exclusive and not have to drop his RAW title without defending it.

Benoit: Fine, Tazz. Count me in.

To be continued...

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