Tuesday, September 21, 2004

.:In The Middle Of Class:.

So there I was, after having gone on solo flight in WAVE and having had an engaging debate on the merits of Kant. I was in class, and I was listening to Dr. Ibana talk about Max Scheler's method of value ethics. Funny moments in class happened, but all throughout, Camillo was bugging me about Feng Shui and singing the trailer song to me while calling me Sorge ("Care" in German.)...

That got me to thinking... considering how stiff the German diction is, wouldn't it be hard to imagine a flamboyant gay German? Camillo was telling me how funny it is that the French language seems so custom-made for gay people, and yet the German language is so stiff that a gay German who'd start putting on blush would seem too... rough, even if he keeps on saying he's doing it for "Sorge", and to enhance his "Dasein"... Heidegger will never be the same again... heh.

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