Thursday, September 16, 2004

.:A Greeting:.

It’s Ching’s birthday! Happy birthday, Ching! =)

.:A Rarity:.

Ann knows that I’m the type who’d always want to show up on time, so I was just as surprised as she was that I got to work late today, considering it’s not after class and all. Nonetheless, it was all okay, really. The boardwork was good, though I know I could still work on my diction and so forth some more. I think I had some problems here and there with how I project my voice. I guess I really have to work on my stuff a lot more. I feel that I’m becoming way too comfortable for my own good, to the point that I tend to get lazy, which is not really the smartest way to go about work. Especially not here in WAVE, where my status is still not going to be permanent for sure until I find out the final deal come January.

In any case, we were having a lot of fun in the booth for the most part, and apparently, I’ll be on air again tomorrow with Pam for a certain promo I have to do or something to that effect. I then braved the rain and left the station early so I can meet up with Grace for just a short while before heading back to Ateneo…

.:A Meeting:.

If the rain went on too hard, I would’ve been convinced to have taken the time out to instead go and watch Feng Shui. The film sounds very promising, and Kris Aquino being scared half to death isn’t that bad, really. So Grace and I met up, and we just had a short conversation, really. Not much to say about it, but she certainly made my day. I was having a lot of stress on me lately, and her being there for me certainly helps ease the tension up for me a bit.

Yep, I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Grace gives the best hugs in the world, bar none. I’m just glad the both of us managed to find time to talk with one another before heading off to our busy days again. It was all well worth it. =)

.:Vindication, Part II:.
A Fictional Series by Marcelle T. Fabie

Author's Note: The characters depicted in this story are all copyright of the WWE. The storylines depicted are not necessarily reflective of the current storylines of the WWE.

Previously, Chris Benoit took up Tazz’ offer to go and do cross-brand work in hopes of capturing the one title that mattered yet simply eluded him throughout his tenure in the WWE: The Smackdown World Title. The title is currently vacant, and the idea is that there will be two number one contenders by the end of the month who will face one another in a match to determine the new Smackdown World Champion. Chris Benoit, being a RAW Superstar, will still perform his duties on RAW.

Smackdown is a taped show every Tuesday night, and as soon as Chris agreed to Tazz’ proposition, he went to the Smackdown taping the very next day. Benoit was surprised to discover that he was going to be on the card tonight, the moment he walked into the locker room.

Theodore R. Long, the current General Manager, was standing in the center of the ring already.

Teddy Long: Lemme holla at you, playaz. Well, you know that the World Title is currently vacant, and since I’m your Smackdown GM, you just know I have something monumental in store for you. Belie’ that. For tonight, we’re going to have a match involving someone whom none of you are expecting to be here tonight…

Chris Benoit’s entrance music blares over the P.A., and he enters the arena to a huge ovation from the audience. Benoit still has the RAW World Heavyweight Championship title slung across his shoulder. Benoit walks into the ring and faces a beaming TRL. Benoit then takes to the microphone.

Benoit: By the end of this, everyone knows that Chris Benoit is for real. This is the one title that has eluded me for so long, and I will no longer be denied.

Despite his apparent conviction, some doubts were lingering in his mind. He didn’t feel like he wanted to relinquish the RAW title just yet. He still has a lot to do… but then, what’s he got to lose, anyways? This was going to be a cinch.

Suddenly, the gong sounded. The arena went completely black. The crowd erupted, knowing what this means: Chris Benoit’s first opponent is no pushover. It’s going to be The Undertaker. TRL promptly clears the ring the moment he hears the first gong. Looks like two fan favorites will be going at it tonight…


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