Friday, September 24, 2004


Apparently, the PBA gig has been called off. We won't be spinning in the PBA opening any longer because the people in Araneta Colliseum didn't want fire spinners in the place.

Makes me feel like wondering if it ever occurred to them how much fire it'd take to burn down a place as big as that, really. I'm pretty ruddy sure that three spinners with under five liters of kerosene won't cut the mustard to achieve that.

Paranoid much?


Sacha has taken me up on the challenge. She thinks she would've dared watch "Feng Shui" with the three of us (Dom, myself, and Grace.) last time if she were given the chance to. As such, I am getting a DVD of the film, and I will then see if she can handle the film. Heh. We'll find out soon enough.


So Camillo and I were in class again for a boring time, as we were stuck waiting for the students to finish a long survey. In any case, Camillo was bugging me about getting Dingdong Dantes' cell number and seeing him naked, while I was trying to stave off his blackmail attempt. He even started segregating all the Chinese female students we had among the papers we were supposed to check and told me to start checking them already... heh. I managed to pwn him at one time, though...

Camillo: That girl there? She is not sexy, she's fat! I'm sexy. I have the body of Britney Spears.

Marcelle: You mean before the operation?

Camillo: I'll get you for that, you beeyatch.

.:Two Parties In A Row... Then A Third:.

Yes, I know the last heading doesn't rhyme. So sue me.

I met up with Grace yesterday because she wanted to oversee my getting a new haircut. Let's just say that the new haircut is going to be a bit disorienting to the people who've seen me for the longest time sporting only one hairstyle... I myself was taken aback.

The value-added service of the whole thing was splendid. While I was being given a hair spa (You metrosexual you!), I was being massaged by the lady putting on the hot oil. The massage was great, and Grace noticed that the lady doing the massage really put a lot of time and effort into it... a lot more than what seemed to be the norm... ;)

In any case, afterwards, I was introduced to some of Grace's med school friends (Ran into Ato all the same at St. Luke's...), all of whom were bashing the Chinese pics I had to show. We ended up going to Napoli's, an Italian restaurant, as one of their classmates was treating the class as some sort of victory party. I ended up tagging along, and despite being the obvious odd man out, they were all nice to me. Pizza was good.

I like it so much when Grace talks about "our" story. Really reminds me how arrogant I could get from time to time... heh.

I ran into Mr. Mariano that night, though. Oh, well. It was a great evening for the most part. The food was great, and so was the company. Grace really made that supposed short meeting immensely memorable with the dinner that came afterwards... heh.

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