Friday, February 06, 2004

.:Being Legal Rules:.

There is no greater calming feeling than knowing that your parents gave you permission to do something you normally would be given the tar and feathers for otherwise. Playing by the rules can actually yield some rather interesting results, all things considered.

Nonetheless, with that being said, it wouldn’t be too hard to guess that I spent the night at Grace’s house last night, as she celebrated her birthday. Now, before the tongues start wagging, I’d make a pre-emptive statement and say that my mom’s confidence in me was not without valid grounding, so she had absobloodylutely nothing to worry about, as far as I’m concerned. Amusing how our conversation went, though…

Marcelle: So, Ma, puwede ako mag-overnight kina Grace? (So mom, can I have an overnight at Grace’s?)

Mom: No problem with me. Yung magulang na nina Grace ang may problema niyan. (That’s Grace’s parents’ problem.)

Marcelle: Thanx!

Mom: Sige. Ingat… sila sa iyo. Baka kung anong gawin mo sa anak nila. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Okay. Good luck… to them. There’s no tellling what you’d do to their daughter. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

Yep. That’s my mom…

Anyways, Grace and I bought a cake and some ice cream, so the whole deal was pretty good, as we had our fill of food and dessert that night. Not really a huge celebration per se, but I guess that’s why I took Grace out last Saturday, so she wouldn’t need to have one anymore. If only her friends and her parents were a bit more cooperative… a surprise party for her would’ve been so great…

Ah, well. Last night was a pretty fine time, as far as I’m concerned. It’s great to be given this measure of trust by my parents and Grace’s parents. I’m not idiotic enough to betray that…

.:More Hate Mail?:.

I can’t begin to help but think I’ve been flattered and lambasted all at the same time by these jabronis… you can tell that they really don’t know what they’re talking about… at least, not a good part of it…

From 09172725907 (Hey! A new textmate for all of you!):

Marcel, could you please shut up your voice is becoming irritating.

My reply:

Daymn! I guess I wasn’t irritating when I started the morning off? Thank you for actually telling me that I’ve improved! At least, hindi na pang-AM lang ang boses ko. (At least, my voice isn’t just for AM radio anymore.) Everyone’s a critic, and now, you just might have quite a few new textmates, courtesy of me.

From Kahil Domingo:

Please get rid of the new dj. He sounds bad.

My reply:

Thank you for the compliment, but I’m not a dj. I’m only training to be one. But hey, if you think I’m a bad dj, then maybe I’m actually a good trainee. Gawd, this is fun. As long as you jabronis don’t give me a paycheck, I guess I can keep on laughing my head off at how little you know.

It’s not like I ever considered myself as “Great DJ Marcelle”, to begin with. In fact, if I recall correctly, it’s more like I was constantly being conscious of how I would sound on air, knowing that my voice sure could use some working upon. People giving me comments like these are pretty funny because if they hate my bloody presence in the show so much, then why is the Morning Rush getting better and better in the ratings game? Of course, I have nothing to do with the ratings (But I bet my head will roll if the ratings do go down during the days I’m around…), but there you have it. I’m just this little thorn in the side that hopefully gets less and less pricky by the day…

Amusing. Simply amusing.

.:Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire:.

Oh, this is a classic. Delle was looking for caller number 7 for the TGI Friday’s promo, and their dialogue off the air went like this…

Delle: How old are you?

Really Small Voice That’s Even Smaller Than Sacha’s: I’m seventeen.

Delle: You’re not seventeen. How old are you?

RSVTETS: I’m seventeen!

Delle: Okay. You go to college?


Delle: Where?

RSVTETS: In Dasma.

Delle: Where in Dasma? Which school?

RSVTETS: Here in Paranaque…

Who the Hades was she trying to fool? She was obviously not seventeen, and even if she had a grown-up corroborate her story for her, the vocabulary, the diction, and the evasive answers to her college proved that she was lying through her teeth. It’s not like there’s an age cap for the promo, in the first place, so clearly, these jabronis were guilty of something. It appears that I’ve run into my first official “professional winner”. They’re the kind of people who really try to win promos on a regular basis, living off of the prizes. Ah, well. Liars.

Top Five on Monday, and the Hot 10 topic today hit quite a nerve… “The Hot 10 signs your significant other is having an online affair”…

Catch you jabronis soon.

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