Saturday, February 07, 2004

.:Orkut Is Great:.

Supported by Google, Orkut is a networking system that outstrips Friendster in many of its features, from the ability to rate people, to the ability to group friends, to the ability to list someone as a “crushie” and end up confirming that someone else has a crush on you if both of you indicate one another as such. That’s a really nifty feature that I know would come in handy, if only I could lure in some more people into the site.

After all, the only drawback (Which is, to me, still a good thing.) to the site is the fact that people who join it are all by virtue of invitation only. This essentially means that it won’t be growing phenomenally by leaps and bounds the way Friendster did, which keeps things well in perspective, and ensures that the community will remain relatively manageable. Ah, well. I like it that way.

With that being said, anyone who gets an invite to Orkut should give it a try. It’s faster, it’s more efficient, and overall, it’s the better choice for people who are less after making a high friends count than actually getting to know a person better.

.:A Raw Note:.

Speaking of Orkut, We have Randy Orton last Wednesday night cutting what would’ve been an excellent promo as he took a dig at Mick Foley had he not said that he’s going to “start what he finished”. Someone got his lines mixed up, neh? At the same time, Orton is one of those wrestlers who’s being pushed to the moon way too soon by management, and someone who is so overrated that he is allowed to spit in Mick Foley’s face. Orton is just a young punk when placed alongside the Hardcore Legend. Storyline or not, Orton does not deserve such accolades to his name.

.:Quite The Rub:.

There’re few things more flattering than receiving praise from the teacher you consider one of the most challenging in your particular semester. While I was beginning to lose any hope for still managing to actually be Cum Laude, a timely shot in the arm came along from Ms. Ocampo-Salvador, whom I managed to ask a bit about my status in case I ended up getting exempted without getting an A in my final grade. At the same time, I spoke to her about our group report, though I feel a slight pang of guilt because while my groupmates did less, after all, it was merely because that was all I asked them to do, to begin with. That’s precisely why I didn’t want to ask for any extra considerations on my part, although she offered them, anyway.

In spite of that, I guess what makes me feel all the better about this is that when I was about to turn to leave after talking to her a bit about the lecture, she proceeds to tell me that I was actually such a good writer, and she takes her hat off to me. I was exceedingly flattered, even suddenly elated when she told this to me, as she even said that I most likely aced her long test, which, though I may be a bit skeptical of, I am still happy to know I have done well, even if only for the first question. A surge of hope pulsed through my veins, as maybe I can still make my Cum Laude run, after all. She may be pretty stern, or so it seems, but she’s actually a very nice teacher, in that she knows how to give credit where credit is due, though I must admit I felt that aura of being overrated again. Ah, well. Happens a lot of the time, so it seems. Can’t be helped, but moving on…


I know I should’ve avoided stalling before it was too late.

I never archived my comments from the Shout-Outs box in my weblog, and there’s a high chance that the site isn’t coming back anymore. Now, I’m left scratching my head because most of the comments had such a sheer amount of sentimental value. People like Abby, *jaded*, and so forth have given me comments there that are simply irreplaceable, so I can’t help but feel pretty saddened if I can’t get them back anymore. Maybe if I insist on just gaining access to the comments for one day. So I can actually archive them… it’s really that important. I don’t know what to do by then, now. I really, really need to find a way… darn.


So I managed to meet up with Maia today, and she’s all gung-ho about having Thomas with her for a bit of post-Valentine company. Good for her, really. I met up with her as though I never missed a beat with what was going on in her life, I guess that’s mainly because I was always in the loop with how things are going with her, irregardless of my presence in La Salle on Wednesdays. I’m pretty much drained by now with all these issues I’ve been threshing out, so it was quite good for us to keep the unspeakable simply unsaid, and just work things out. She knows where I stand, and God knows I’m not going to exactly back down from my position as far as I’m concerned.

Mang Jimmy’s raised their prices by ten bucks per viand, but the food was still as great as ever. I especially missed the tapa mix, as it’s been a long while since I’ve last eaten good tapa (Fried beef sirloin.). Not much in that department, really. I’m just glad that there’s less bad blood flowing around my system nowadays, and that’s great for me… of course, these people didn’t forget to charge us for our food this time around…

.:Still No Luck:.

Maybe I should quit thinking about going to that Close-Up Lovapalooza if all I wanted was to kiss some other girl. I mean fine, even if the benefit of the doubt were to be given to me and I just really wanted to kiss a (Preferably cute and Chinese.) girl not named Grace Apron, but I may run the risk of losing some friends if they get the hint that I was hoping they’d go there so I can actually… ah, well. C.P. # 3 is a prime example of this… ah, well. Grace may have been having better luck than I have, though. Not so sure, but it is rather likely.

At the same time, as of the start of this year, there are four people I really wanted to hug. I already hugged one of them. Another one is not Chinese. Those are the only hints I have as to who they are…

Wonder if I’d win in the categories I’m nominated in? I feel exceedingly pumped up about it…

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