Friday, February 20, 2004

.:Heel Turn Of Events:.

Okay. So I'm not a nominee for Valedictorian. Big deal, considering the fact that in terms of extracurricular activities, I sure as Hades would fall flat. Kendra has the highest total QPI this year, with 3.96. I don't expect to even come close, even if we took out my freshman year. Abby is nominated, but for the sake of my ego, I hope whoever wins as Valedictorian is not someone I'm perceived to be at par with. I suppose the fact that my Cum Laude status isn't a sure deal also contributed to the fact that I'm not in the candidate for Valedictorian list. Ah, well. Can't do anything about that, I guess.

Interestingly enough, I decided to ask the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs in our university about my status. I got a D in Math 11 before, so I asked if that will disqualify me from any honors. The nice lady there told me "no". I then asked if they rounded off QPI's, that is, if I was 3.498, I would still be Cum Laude, since it's soooo close to 3.5. She said "yes". So that means, I can breathe easy and take a solitary B+, because rounding my grade off will mean I'm still Cum Laude. I think that's good enough for me already. Valedictorian is out of my league, really.

.:GTO Fanfiction?:.

No, don't start with me on slash or lemons. I'm just talking about the fact that GTO's ending was such an open door, as far as the anime went, so maybe I ought to give it a shot and actually write a fanfiction about his return to Seirin after some time of teaching in California. Of course, he has to wreck Kyoto-sensei's brand new Cresta again on his way back, and all. And of course, his favorite students should've changed considerably by the time he gets back, unless he was gone for only a couple of months or something.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just holding onto considering Ranma ½ and Magic Knight Rayearth as my all-time favorite anime, but in reality, GTO is the one affecting ATM the most. I mean, it all but cemented my whimsical idea of being a teacher at ICA (So maybe I won?t teach in ICA per se. But then, who wants jailbait like that, anyway? Self-denial... self-denial...) to begin with, and I was so in touch with most of the episodes emotionally, although I do believe that Chobits connected with me more emotionally. I think I ended up crying on a couple of episodes of Chobits, and I can't recall doing that with GTO. Still, GTO holds a dearer place in my heart, and Chobits is CLAMP, anyway, which is my all-time favorite company to begin with. Fuu is... uhh... the hotness of it all...

With that being said, this may make me consider GTO as my all-time favorite anime. Or maybe the only reason I feel compelled to write a review about the series was because I completed it (Didn't get to do that for MKR, much less Ranma ½.). In spite of that, the idea of actually writing fanfiction sort of caught me off-guard. I was never a fanfic person, as I rarely wrote short stories and focused more on my essays (Duh. That's 80 pages worth of essays this month alone.). So the jury is out on this one. But still, I'm glad that I listened to Peppy when he told me about GTO. Imagine if I didn't bother watching when he told me to... no more ATM for me.

.:Politics? Gaahh!!!:.

Eddie Gil and Bro. Eddie Villanueva are like two flies atop a hippopotamus, duking it out as to who's the top dog. How pathetic, really. Eddie Gil is trying to pass himself off as "Bro. Eddie Gil" to completely confuse the voting public. He is not an evangelist, but a businessman. He also promised to make every Filipino richer by 1 million pesos if he were to become president. Whoop-de-freaking-doo. Tell that to the Marines. I mean, he couldn't even pay his hotel bills, then he promises this, and intends to pay off the national debt through his own money? Bro. Eddie Villanueva, on the other hand, wants to form a "Born Again Republic". I have nothing against his religion. I am, after all, a pluralist. I do have a problem with what seems to be an attempt to impose his beliefs on everyone else, though. That's something I don't sit well with.

On the other hand, FPJ's supporters are screaming bloody murder if he were to get disqualified. Wonderful. Really wonderful. If he doesn't get disqualified, we're screwed. If he gets disqualified, we're screwed. Either way you look at it, we're screwed. Lovely country we have, neh?

GMA and Roco are the only sensible choices we have. But look at their VP's. Roco's is more qualified, but does anyone know that? Noli De Castro is... never mind. And Roco's senatoriables are quite a weird mix. Bong Coo? Atty. Daredevil (The brilliant blind lawyer whose name escapes me. Wait. "Gat" Gatmaytan, I believe.)? With a lineup like that, no wonder Roco's treading on thin ice for the win. But I want him to win. GMA has been nothing more than a person who lives for hypothetical imperatives. If she can't be more moral than someone as seemingly evil as I can, then she shouldn't be holding that kind of power for a full six years.

Ah, I'll think this over some more next time...

.:Friendster Depresses Marcelle Again:.

Hey, Mich! Nice testimonials. You too, Angie. Hey, Marcelle! My, how few people give a damn about you! Some of these so-called friends of yours apparently wouldn't know if you just dropped dead and got run over by a steamroller. After all, they seem to avoid your company like a plague! You must provide some really lousy company for them, Marcelle. That's the only logical explanation for it. After all, if you were half as good as a friend as you claim to be, these people would at the very least be looking you up, if they're not writing nice, touching things about you.

You're out of your league, Marcelle. Don?'t knock yourself out trying to earn your keep. It's pretty obvious that you made yourself out to be such a loner, so you suffer the consequences of being one, you two-bit punk. Isn't this what you wanted? Isn't this what you've always been asking for? Being a loner? Well, you got your wish. People you thought mattered to you and vice versa couldn't care less what happens to you. Maybe the lack of feedback to anything you do, no matter how well you did it, should give you a hint.

Go away, Marcelle. You annoy the Hades out of everyone else. You annoy the Hades out of me, most of all.

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