Monday, February 09, 2004

.:Full Circle:.

As if the comeback of Shaider wasn't enough...

Which Takeshi's Castle Character are you?

Well, whaddya know? ::chuckles:: I am actually "Strong Kanegou", whom I remember knowing as "Kongo" in the Filipino version of Takeshi's Castle. Dang, I loved that show. It was hilarious as Hades, especially with Anjo Yllana and Smokey Manoloto hosting the program. I wish they'd start doing reruns of that show... and it wouldn't be the same at all if it's not the same version I grew up with...

.:In Other News:.

I have defined 14 friends in my LJ. 14 people have listed me as their friends, but one of them is an annoying bastich who just listed me out of some random freakish chance, with absobloddylutely no connection to me, whatsoever. He's also playing dumb and ignoring repeated requests to get me off his list.

Which gets me to my point. Someone has taken me off of his/her friends list, and I'd really like a valid explanation what brought that about, considering how things have been going. With that being said, I can only sit, smile, and avoid looking like the idiot in this situation.

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