Thursday, February 05, 2004


I'll be on air with Chico and Delamar tomorrow, 6-9 in the morning. Catch you there! Also, help at resizing my photos will be very appreciated...

.:Keeping Abreast With The Superbowl:.

For my LJ friends, check out the no-holds-barred version of this picture... I am such a tease... heh.

So Janet Jackson got tongues wagging by exposing half of her girls on national television. While that may indeed be an attention-grabber, the media backlash she’s getting is certainly going to have some sort of repercussions on her album sales come next month or so, whether positive or negative. Justin Timberlake’s involvement in the whole deal simply screams of a leaking contest between him and Britney. Of course, that’s merely an assertion, but it’s not such a stretch.

Wonder what happens next after this juncture, then… she is officially the most searched-for photograph in the history of the internet, outstripping even perennial chart-topper, the Paris Hilton tapes…

.:A Farce:.

Went to Congress today, and it hardly changed from the first time I saw it. in spite of that, I guess I realize the flagrance by which the country flaunts its government’s inutility. It would appear that every session Congress happens to have, the issue of whether or not they have a quorum would always be primary on their considerations. Clearly, there’s something rather twisted about that, if only for the fact that taxpayers are spending good money for these people who aren’t even around to do what they’re supposed to be doing. Would it be a wonder, then, that Ted Failon’s investigation into public perception about the Legislative department simply confirmed what we already knew: everyone hates them. Maybe not everyone, but 99% do. That’s convincing enough to me.

I was keeping myself busy by talking to my classmates, actually. When our guest speaker was asking us how much the pork barrel was for this year…

Congressman: Do you students know how much this year’s pork barrel is?

Marcelle (Audible to most, but not to the speaker.): Seventy million. Laban o bawi.

Everyone loved that…

Anyways, Peppy apparently has better things to do than hang around with me. Our tastes don’t jive in this respect, but that’s no big deal. Amusingly enough, we found a Ric Flair lookalike in congress. It’s funny how I can almost see the guy making a privilege speech riddled with “Woooo!!!” after “Woooo!!!” left and right, and then a bit of that stylin, profilin’, limousine-ridin’, lear-jet flyin’ strut of his. Heh.

On the way home, I do believe I’ve hammered it quite explicitly enough to Sarah Lee exactly how a good chunk of my mind works, at least as far as CP’s and the like go. She was privy to a few things I wouldn’t let certain other people know, and I sure as Hades hopes she keeps it that way. I wouldn’t want to dignify something by confirming it now, would I? It was interesting talking to her. She seems to be those silent but deep types, which points me to the realization that I’m overrated because the only reason people pay attention to me is because I’m usually grabbing that attention.

Darn. If only I could ensure that I get an A in Political Science… otherwise, I guess I’m screwed.

Gayuma got burned, but is now back. I was already informed by another friend not named Elbert where it is, although of course, I have to figure out what to do with the information. Any connection to the previous topic? Absolutely nothing. Just thought I’d mention it.

.:Theology Long Test:.

I’m not 100% confident with how I answered my Theology long test, but I certainly feel that I’ve handled it competently, and I believe there was a good amount of coherence to my whole piece this time around, unlike my first attempt. I guess it was a good thing that I reviewed with Cami on the phone the night before. She’s actually nice to talk to, and she’s very bubbly, to say the least. I guess… err… never mind. Forget it, I suppose.

I did review her a bit more even after I was done with the whole thing. Least I could do for a nice friend like her… of course, I ended up giving her more than she bargained for, what with my new slogan…

Breast milk is still best for boyfriends.

.:Better Than Friendster?:.

Sacha recently invited me to join Orkut, which appears to be a more elite but slicker version of Friendster. I guess this site does outrun Friendster in a lot of departments, from the ability to group and even rate (Rate! Note the T!!!) them. I guess Friendster would’ve met its match, if only it weren’t an invitation-only site, then this would easily be the preferred site. Of course, being by invitation only does have its advantages, one of them being the fact that not everyone (Read: Unwanted bastiches won’t find it easy.) can get in. Ah, well.

Sach has quite a few biased friends, giving her pretty high karma in the “Sexy” department. So call me biased. Heh. Considering the fact that there’re less people I know in there, I guess I’m left to wondering about my own karma, neh?

.:In The Lead!:.

Nominations are more or less done already for the Blue Roast, and it would appear that I was both nominated AND in the lead for the categories I was gunning for, “Gifted Child” and “Crush ANG Bayan”. Pretty interesting, and I certainly hope that I can win either or both, if God willing. It’s my only consolation for the fading reality of my ever earning a Cum Laude, and that’d certainly help with the coping process, I guess. Amusingly enough, Bobby Benedicto only got one nomination. If he’s so smart, why are his friends forgetting about him? Oh, that’s right… smarts don’t stop at the academe. There’s also a lot of public relations and interpersonal connections one must never forget about, neh?

As for “Crush ANG Bayan” (“Crushing On The Town”), I cannot take it sitting down if I don’t win that. Between that and “Gifted Child”, I have to admit that I’m more of a fit in the former. After all, nobody else would happen to be notorious for the Chinese Prospects® phenomenon other than myself, neh? With that being said, vote for me in both categories still… and vote for Cami in the “Paganda Ng Paganda Ang Buhok” category (“Hair Is Getting More And More Beautiful”). She deserves it, no question about it. Charles Tan for “Master Stalker”. Mich for the “Plume” award, as she’s obviously a more popular and much better writer than I am. And Ron for whichever categories he made it in, just so he doesn’t accuse me of forgetting about him.


This coming February 13, a Friday, Close-up, the toothpaste brand by Unilever, will want to try and break the world record for most couples kissing at the same time in one place by having the Close-up Lovapalooza in Roxas Boulevard, where there will be a concert, among other things. People are welcome to show up there, whether or not they have a kissing partner, and maybe they’d get lucky and get a ten-second kiss from a total hottie of a stranger. It will be from eight in the evening all the way to twelve, so if any of you want to help this fine, fine country set a new world record, why not do it by showing up and actually contributing to the 5,000 couples Close-up is trying to come up with.

Interesting idea. I wonder how many luckless males will be around that night, seeing how they’d probably try to look for some na├»ve girl for them to go and kiss there. Fat chance of that happening, unless if you’re a certified “gorgeous human being”. Otherwise, feel free to cringe in envy on the eve of Singles Awareness Day (SAD. How appropriate.), being surrounded by five thousand couples kissing at the same time, while you’re there by your lonesome, still looking for an unsuspecting target. Another guy, perhaps?

Hi there. You come here often?


That’s one!


One thing in common!


Are you a man?


With that being said, I wonder how it’s going to be… Maybe I’d try that Chinese New Year Stunt I pulled again and text someone something like:

Do you want to help the Philippines set a new world record? Meet me tonight at Roxas Boulevard.

Who to ask that to… hmmm…

.:As Of 01 February, 2004…:.

12. Barbie Co (Down)
11. Clarence Lim (Same)
10. Charlene Chua (New Entry)
09. Faye Reyes (Re-entry)
08. Sharleen Tan (Down)
07. Edenjoy Dy (Up)
06. Jacqueline Sing (Same)
05. Chiyo (Same)
04. Rachel Reyes (Same)
03. Diane Sayo (Same)
02. Sacha Chua (Same)
01. Daph Villanueva (Same)

No longer in list: Cecil Lao. Rule number one says so...

.:Not An Issue Of Trust:.

She and Marcelle don’t see eye to eye with how he perceives relationships as never a closed deal, but that can’t be helped. Considering how Marcelle’s been scarred, he’s the type who doesn’t want to say anything that’d make him end up eating his words in the future, so any promises he makes are simply promises he knows he could keep. She doesn’t exactly agree with that, possibly because she’s more romantic-minded than Marcelle happens to be, but he couldn’t fault her for that now, can he?

Marcelle has known her for seven years or so already, and one thing he always noticed was he was never really someone she confided to about anything. It’s always the case that Marcelle was dominating the conversation, and as of late, he’s been conscious of that fact, and doing what he can to avoid situations like that, where the conversation is all about him, him, and him. And him, too. Let’s put it this way: Marcelle already has his weblog and LJ to do that, so why would he have to persist in that manner even with the people whom he speaks to, who are not necessarily listening to his monologues by choice? Respectful human beings that they are, they wouldn’t really bang the phone down on Marcelle, or abruptly walk away. They’d stay there, grinning and bearing it, all the time writing a mental note to avoid talking to Marcelle.

She was one of those few exceptions who actually ended up taking some measure of genuine interest in most of the topics Marcelle brought up, although the lack of reciprocity does feel a bit unnerving to Marcelle, because he can’t help but feel guilty that it’s always the case that it’s her who does the listening. Maybe Marcelle isn’t really a trustworthy person in her eyes? Maybe she finds Marcelle as too unworthy of being taken into confidence? Suffice it to say that coming from someone Marcelle perceives as one of his best friends, that’s saying much.

To be honest, Marcelle doesn’t sit well with the idea that he doesn’t matter enough to be taken into confidence, especially because he’s been a die-hard friend all these years. Ask any of the people whom he really categorically identifies as a great friend, and you’d realize that if there’s one good thing about Marcelle, it’s his unwavering loyalty to these people. He is not the type who breaks confidence and stabs people in the back, contrary to cultic belief. With that being said, can you blame him if he feels just a teensy bit bad that he couldn’t exactly be the kind of person he wants to be for the friends he greatly treasures? Let’s face it: it’s hard to have this hovering sense that you owe someone big time, yet you are never presented with the opportunity to return the favor. It ends up being unfair to your sense of justice, because you feel like such a user-friendly person. More bluntly, you feel like a parasite. That’s not what Marcelle wants to feel like, but it’s inevitable, when you’re always asking, yet you can never give back.

So it’s not an issue of trust, she says. It’s not about confidence and all, but merely the fact that “Marcelle wouldn’t be interested about it, anyway”. Far be it for Marcelle to guarandamntee that he would always be interested, but at the very least, there’s nothing like hearing something from a friend, and not always the one who has to be tasked to deliver the news for the day. Call it whatever you wish, but Marcelle couldn’t help but think that there’s very little intersubjectivity involved in going around like that, where one person pours out his heart, while the other holds her piece and just listens all the time. It’s hardly beneficial to the other party, and it makes any decent human being benefiting from the equation feel guilty and deprived of the chance to prove his worthiness as a friend.

So it’s not an issue of trust. But maybe it’s even worse. Because I have to begin realizing that the conversation should never revolve around me as far as I'm concerned with her. But what then, is left to say? It's her move now.


Mush ahead…

It’s Grace’s birthday today… Happy birthday, GRACE!!! I love you muchly!

.:My Graced Reality:.

Gratefulness does not begin to describe how I feel
With such a blessing I have been bestowed with from above
When I felt that I didn’t deserve any love
You came to me and said, “Your wounded heart will heal.”

A season of grace I have found in you, after all
A graced reality that I still can’t comprehend
But when you smile, the burning questions end
Quite hard to imagine someone like me could fall

You’re in my dreams, you’re in my each waking moment
I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination
For much to everyone else’s great consternation
I found my Graced reality, truly heaven-sent

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