Wednesday, February 04, 2004

My blog refuses to load properly, but I've been posting quite a deal, so it's a sad, sad thing. Please refer to my LiveJournal if symptoms persist. Nonetheless, an interesting few additions have been made to this post since yesterday…

.:Trying To Improve:.

Two areas in need of improvement stat as far as my diction and enunciation go…

1. My “Th” sound, be it the soft “th” (Such as “through”.), or the hard “th” (Such as “the”.). Capampangan blood apparently flows heavily in my veins, so I seem to be missing my H’s when I pronounce the aforementioned words. Ah, well.

2. My being sing-song. That is, one moment, I use a pretty low pitch, then my voice gets higher at some points wherein I wanted to stress something. It doesn’t sound the least bit natural.

Chico mentioned that I was beginning to acquire a sort of American accent while I was talking on the air. I’ve been working on it quite a bit, and reviewing for my theology aloud while I was off the air sure helped quite a bit. Nonetheless, there were lots and lots of quotable quotes this last run I had, and I’m simply happy that I managed to improve my enunciation a bit, albeit I’m sure I have to be consistent about it first before I can feel confident about being on air. I actually think my voice is a bit too deep for my own good, and it doesn’t sound good that way. Brad’s voice sounds better than mine, and his voice is also deep… ah, well. At least my second delivery of the Gen RX poll question was better than the first one… Chico did approve, after all.

Ah, gee. I guess I have quite a lot more to go through, all things considered. I need to improve my on-air performance, more or less. In spite of that, I guess I can just enjoy myself however it would go, as I have very little time left before I graduate. I’m simply glad that I can enjoy my time on the air anyway, so it’s no big deal, really. At the very least, I’m glad that I still have the opportunity to do my best to improve myself, as I really don’t know what else I’m left to do…

Delamar: Chico, that’s not Feng Shui! How lame can that be? “Don’t place a mirror in front of a door unless you walk into it”?

Marcelle: To tell you the truth, these people do know their Feng Shui. I once texted this girl if it’s true that kissing a person for the first time during Chinese New Year will bring about good Feng Shui for the rest of the year. Apparently, she didn’t think so.

Delamar: No, I don’t think that’s “good Feng Shui. That’s just bad styling.

Chico: What a creep! We’re working with a creep!

Delamar: Is that your girlfriend?

Marcelle: No, it’s actually a friend of mine…

Delamar: Aha!

Chico: She should've told you to "Feng off"!

Later on in the same portion…

Chico: And our new Generation RX Poll Question, should the FCC, being the Federal… err… err… Communication… err… ::Delle starts laughing:: … Caboogle…

Delamar: Federal Communication CABOOGLE?

Chico: No. It’s Federal Communication… err…

Marcelle: Commission? The one Eminem was rapping about?

Chico: Right! Should they charge Janet Jackson for indisent… I mean, indecent exposure?

Marcelle: Chico, what’s wrong?

Finally, during the last batch of the Hot 10…

Marcelle: Last batch of the Hot 10 for me.

Delamar: You have class, right? We insist you go.

Marcelle: I can simply feel the concern. Thank you very much.

I’ll be back on Friday. Same time as usual, of course. Heh. This ought to be interesting, neh?

.:Where’s Colby?:.

I was never a big fan of Survivor, but I can’t help but feel so sad that Colby isn’t part of Survivor All-Stars. I of course expected people like Tina to be eliminated off the bat, considering they already won before, but the clear thing about this whole season is that it’s still anyone’s ballgame, regardless of the odds and all. In spite of that, I just wished Colby was there for this season. He was my favorite Survivor player, and it’s too bad he didn’t get this chance…

.:Dogs Rule:.

I’ve always been a dog person, so even if Sacha’s cat was cute when I ran into her/him last Saturday, I still paid heed more to the huge black Labrador retriever they had with them… the dog’s name was Lucas, and according to Sacha’s sister, Cathy, he’s pretty much a vegan. Interesting dog, and apparently nicer than their other one, whom if I’m not mistaken is actually a Spitz. I love dogs. They taste good.

Damn. Did I just say that?

.:Almost Got Some:.

With Chobits drawing to a close, I guess I can’t help but still feel really engaged with its whole storyline. A lot of mysteries that came out during the start of the show are beginning to clear themselves up, and they’re turning out to be really interesting now.

GTO, on the other hand, is exceedingly wonderful to watch. I simply can’t help but laugh out loud over the chain letter episode, considering the fact that it was clearly a show of how smoooooth Onizuka’s maneuverings could actually be. I almost- I mean, he almost got some! If only people didn’t figure out things sooner, that would’ve ensured that he and Fuyuzuki would’ve gotten it on… sigh. I feel sorry for the guy. At the rate he’s going, I don’t think he’s going to be pretty high up in the pecking order of bedfellows… or will the series actually end with him finally getting some? I will find out for myself, I suppose. Nice reference to Ringu within the film, all the same. I can see that there’s a lot of pop culture involved, and apparently, GTO is a relatively recent series, unless if those were just additions when the manga was already turned into an anime. In fact, I’m not so sure which came first…

I’m just glad Grace managed to watch both Chobits and GTO. I know that the episode she managed to see for Chobits was a bit heartbreaking, considering how it was the part where Yumi and manager Ueda finally got to put things in the proper perspective. I know she’s been pretty emotional lately, after having seen “My Sassy Girl”, and I guess that line was just a killer…

”I love you because you’re you. Even if you were a Persocom, I’d still love you.”

And I guess Chobits really is finished now. What a happy ending. In spite of that, it still does make me wax philosophical about the whole premise of it… can a human being truly love something like a Persocom? Granted that it is truly the most advanced Persocom out there, can I be certain that making a commitment to a Persocom is just as wonderful as making a commitment to a human being? Yes, we can skirt the issue on comparisons, but it still stands: what becomes of the “Great Humanizing Goods”, then? I love this anime to pieces, but I can’t help but really think over what it’s trying to tell me…

.:More On The Mini-Date:.

Not the smoothest date in the world, but it’s fine, nonetheless. Grace showed up in Strata 2000 around ten minutes after nine, so we were racing against time as soon as she got to claim her prize at Wave 89.1. We then headed to my aunt’s house, which is where we caught GTO and Chobits, so at least Grace isn’t so “in the dark” about the whole series anymore. With that being said, it was great because she finally got to see quality anime after a long time. It wasn’t long before we headed into Ateneo to go online, which was interesting because we had to go through a lot of hoops especially since she didn’t have an ID, so the guards could potentially give her some trouble.

After a while, we went to Calf Up, where I had a short review session about Theology 151, which was rather interesting, to say the least. Elbert, Kim, and Cami were three people I knew there, and Cami was really nice. Glad Grace actually concurs that she’s cute and nice… she did mention that Greza was likewise better-looking than Weng Ibarra of the Sex Bomb Dancers was, but I digress.

We then sat in on Sacha’s class for a while, and I introduced Grace to Peppy, who amused Grace with the HTTPanties site he showed… “403 Forbidden”? Heh.

I guess she’s feeling a lot better now. Hope things work out for her, though. She sure could use a bit of relaxation and all…

.:Full Circle:.

Someone who once insulted her thesis partners is now being nominated for an award she wouldn't want to find herself in. Talk about things coming around full circle, but I do believe this is beating on a dead horse already. Give the poor jabroni a rest.

.:Fan Mail, And Another Bit:.

What I find interesting here is that I rarely ever get “fan mail” or “hate mail”. Either one is welcome, as either way, I recognize that I have managed to reach out to other people in whichever way I may have.

From Kristyl:

Hey Marcelle, nice blog! I am Kristyl, a silent rusher. I came across to your blog in the Rusher's Forum about a year ago. And since then I regularly visits your blog. Everytime I'm on-line, I see to it to view your blog and read your rants and raves. Especially when it come to your experiences with Chix and Delle. I must say, you're so lucky that you're able to work with them. I enjoyed it so much that I nearly made my own just for curiosity. It's just been a month though and I guess, I am having a hard time dealing with it. I'm not a gifted writer like you are and I don't really have time because of school. However, I might say that in a short span of time, I pretty much enjoyed having one, but I don't have the confidence to have it any longer. Anyways, whatever happens to my "blog" is not really the issue here. I just want to congratulate you for your wonderful blog. And I must say, I guess I'm beginning to be a "fan" of your world!!! Haha! Until then..

Thank you for the shot in the arm, Kristyl. I really appreciate being told that I'm actually doing a decent job at this juncture. I’ve been writing online for over a year already, and I can’t help but sometimes feel sad that no matter what I end up writing, I still seem to not be able to touch any lives in any way whatsoever. People like you remind me that it’s not the quantity of people I reach out to, but it’s the qualitative value I can actually bring to the table, whether or not my writing is taken well by people. I write in a manner that I’m comfortable with, and that’s what’s important to me. If I make people happy with how I write, great. If they want me to stop writing the way I’m comfortable with, then I guess that’s tough for them. Far be it to call myself a great writer, but I have come along somewhat with how I write, thanks in part to people who tell me how I’m doing.

You’re right. I feel really privileged to be working with Chico and Delamar, irregardless (Here we go again.) if I’m nowhere as good as they are. I’ve been listening to them since high school, and it’s a dream come true for me to be working with them now. Why don’t you drop by the station and meet them sometime? They’re really nice and accommodating people, so don’t worry about it. I’m sure they’d love to see you.

I don't see any reason why you should feel small about your blogging skills. It’s usually a good idea that you write for yourself, oblivious to what people think about you. Don't let what anyone tells you change the fact that you’re writing for yourself, and not for them, or else you're better off writing a book with intentions of selling it big (Not that it’s so bad at all.). Gambatte, jabroni!

And from a certain James:


I am creating a web directory,, and would like to include your website under the "spirituality/metaphysical" category. If you'd like to be added, please follow this url:

We shall put all our efforts into having your link up in less than 24 hours; and if you find our site useful for your visitors, please add a reciprocal link.

Link Back : - A Spirituality Web Directory.

Thank you very much,
James T. Monaghan

Wow. I'm considered as a weblog under the spirituality/metaphysical category. I really appreciate this, although I have to shoot the question back as to whether or not you want to read my philosophical musings in between all the personal stuff I tend to write about in this weblog. Otherwise, I see absobloodylutely no reason why not. I love writing about Philosophy, and that's not changing any time soon... :)

This is a pretty flattering offer, no question about it. I can’t help but feel pleased as punch that in spite of the fact that my articles for Philosophy are few and far in between, search engines still do find them. Heh. I don’t want to assume that my weblog has been read this extensively by a total stranger, lest I end up putting my foot in my mouth.

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