Tuesday, February 03, 2004

.:The Most Expensive Date Of My Life?:.

So sue me. I’m a bloody cheapskate. Come to think of it, though, this might not really be the most expensive date of my life, as I do believe the one that I actually shelled out for the most was my date with Grace about two years ago when we went to Enchanted Kingdom. Other than that, this was easily the one that lopped off a significant chunk of my finances.

But Hades, it was well worth every single cent.

We started things off by going to a photo studio to have our pictures taken. I’ll upload these pictures when I feel like it, I suppose. In spite of all that, I must say that I really had quite a good time, as it does clear out one of my hang-ups about our relationship: my lack of archives for it, in spite of my being an archivist by nature. Ah, well. It’s a good idea, no doubt about it, to simply keep this up, so long as our money holds out, and when a special occasion does come along. We had pretty nice pictures, really… wish I can post them, but I guess I’m way too occupied as of late.

Afterwards came lunch. Ah, yes. I wanted to take her to a sit-down lunch where we order and wait. You know, something different from fast food for a change. Instead, we ended up stuffing ourselves at Kamayan (Using Hands.), where we had a buffet. Would’ve wanted to go for the Dad’s Ultimate Buffet (Includes Dad’s, Kamayan, AND Saisaki!), but it wasn’t available anymore, as it’s good only for lunch and dinner, and we were there at around two or three already. The food was great, though certainly a bit more oily than expected, to say the least. The lechon (Roast pig.) was particularly good, but I wasn’t too fond of the excess cholesterol. I trained my attention to sizzling seafood, snails, and other such things instead.

I was simply stuffed. I suppose Grace was too, all the same. I ought to go for that buffet again in the future. It was sooooo good, and at 275 bucks, I don’t think I can complain, if only for the variety. Too bad there was no sisig (Pig’s face.) or tuna sisig, but that’s no big deal, I guess. Fact of the matter is, I made pretty certain that the 275 bucks I spent was well worth it. And besides, I made my girlfriend happy. That should count for something.

We then watched “Kill Bill” shortly afterwards. Can I just say that while I loved the action and all the gore, the whole movie is way too pretentious? It’s trying so hard to be artsy when it’s not. It’s arguably more pretentious than the Matrix sequels were. Giving it a letter grade, I would have to say that the film deserves only a B+, because the storyline was so simple, yet they tried to make it into some kind of an artiste film, which simply didn’t work for me. As you can see, I am once again too lazy to bother reviewing the film right away. Therefore, my pending reviews: Lord of the Rings, My Sassy Girl, and Kill Bill. Three films I really ought to review soon enough…

I’m just happy I managed to make Grace glad. Her birthday is coming up this Thursday, so the least I could do was to make her happy, considering I’d be fairly busy on Thursday, so I couldn’t really do much for her in that regard. I guess I have to be pretty satisfied with what I have managed to achieve, regardless of how much work I need to exert on my KOF 2003… ah, well.


Just the thesis statements for now...

Thesis 2B: Conscience is our ultimate and subjective norm of moral behavior, judging the morality of concrete individual acts by applying universal moral laws, thus involving both objective and creative subjective dimensions. The gradual formation of an informed “Christian conscience” is marked by fundamental stages (instinctive, moral, and religious) developing true freedom together with the recognition of moral obligation, and grounded on prayer and the Spirit’s prompting daily conversion towards fuller, responsible “new life” in Christ.

Thesis 3A: Personal primordial commitments develop through widening horizons involving breakthroughs into deeper meaning,, values, and freedom. They are gradually formed within the universal human quest for self-identity, clear purpose in life, overcoming guilt and evil in the world, trust/hope in salvation, and unity and friendship.

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