Thursday, February 26, 2004

.:Finally, Progress:.

I guess I can’t complain with today’s Morning Rush stint. You might say that I’ve been able to achieve so much more this day than what I’ve been able to achieve for the past few weeks, considering how I was in high spirits throughout the day, and Delamar seemed her normal self towards me already.

I was working on my diction quite a bit throughout Generation RX, and I was doing pretty well, all things considered. I was avoiding the lack of “h” in my “th” sounds, so I don’t think anyone can complain about it. In fact, what I saw on the textline in reference to me was from Sumi’s Brother, and he was saying:

Is it just my imagination, or is there a third person in the booth with you?

I didn’t get any hate mail today. Shucks. They love me. They really love me. ::/sarcasm::

Chico and Delamar were having fun with the Hot 10 topic: the Hot 10 replies to your crush if he or she asks you, “Do you have a crush on me?” Some of the answers were pretty cute, no question about it. This piece of dialogue got pretty interesting, though…

Delamar: Right! Crushing on a celebrity isn’t a big deal. And I don’t think I’d say to Joyce Jimenez that I like her.

Chico: I meant guys, okay? I mean, if you’re a guy, Joyce Jimenez. If you’re a girl… who’s a crush material celebrity for girls?

Marcelle: Greg Turvey.

Delamar: Stay out of this, Marcelle.

Do note that this was during the Hot 10, which meant I got to sneak my two cents into the Hot 10, although I really kept it to a minimum. We ended up wondering where the sewage in all the toilets in a city go to, to which the listeners responded that it’s taken to a sewage treatment plant. And then? What happens there? Is it sent back into the sea? That’s still bad. Fertilizer? After all those chemicals? Wonderful topic, neh? I’m sure it made people reminisce about their breakfast a wee bit too physically… heh. I even got to answer the Hot 10, but I’ll get there later.

Chico was a bit confident with me already, as he asked me to read some Generation RX responses. Still, I swear, I cannot, for the life of me, read Chico’s handwriting. It’s almost as bad as mine, but since I’m not used to it, I really have no idea how to make heads or tails out of his writing. Nonetheless, it was good, because I’ve been working a bit on my voice, so I’ve been a bit easier on the ears as of late. I don’t know what sir Louie D, would do upon finding out that I talked during the Hot 10, but in the final instance, it happened to be them who offered me to answer the question. It’s just that Delamar was proposing a theory that made love seem exceedingly utilitarian…

Delamar: You know what? I think love is just a control mechanism imposed by society.

Marcelle: So you don’t think love is good in and by itself?

Delamar: I don’t!

Marcelle: Ah. Now I know where you’re coming from.

Chico: You know what? If I put an ampalaya (Bittermelon.) inside the booth, it’d look so much sweeter with you around.

Marcelle: The bitterness just oozes out of you, Delle. I swear.

And yes, I will be on air tomorrow again, 6-9 in the morning, only on Monster Radio, RX 93.1. Whoo!

.:Passing The Time:.

While waiting for Mega Mall to open, I was talking with Sir Jojo about GTO, among other things. Ah, well. Pretty funny stuff, really. I sure ended up having a good time talking, though. Stuff like Lucy Liu’s GQ Germany appearance, among other things… really interesting stuff, all things considered. In any case, I noticed that Kim already has a time card, so I guess that means she’s already a contracted DJ on RX. That’s good for her. Couldn’t happen to a more talented person…

Anyways, it’s funny, but I actually have a shot at the departmental awards. I of course wonder if it’s going to do me any good to hope. I don’t think I’m half as good as the people who are also nominated, like Willard, or Bianca Rodriguez (I think.), or Abby. Whatever the case may be, I’m happy to be so much as considered. I was too dumb to leave out a few elements of my resume. Sigh. I didn’t mention any of my other finals and sem-finals appearances in ADS tournaments, but I guess that can’t be helped. Whatever happens, I’m satisfied anyway with my being pretty much set on my Cum Laude status, and how many people seem to be so aware about my study guide for Theology and Philosophy in this weblog. I think the word has really spread, and it’s the least I can do for these people, regardless if it seems like I do feel a bit like an IW in the end. I still extended this help for the sake of helping people, so I guess if it makes me seem like an IW, I may as well just take the good with the bad.

Been getting a lot of positive feedback over negative feedback lately. Even found an old High School friend, Tyrone Dimaguila, on Friendster. He’s now happily living in Canada. That jabroni was one of my closest friends at the time. In any case, no big deal. I’m sure he’s doing fine right now, and I even found a few other friends, as well. Angelica Sarte from CSR is actually married now. She’s only 21. Pretty surprising, but that’s good for her. She looks happy. I haven’t written testimonials for people in ages. In any case, that’s no biggie. It’s not like I’ve been getting much for myself, either.

I noticed I’ve been using the phrase “in any case” more often than ever, effectively replacing “regardless” or “irregardless” for the most part. In any case, I just noticed it. No big deal, really.

Was supposed to meet up with Maia and her boyfriend today, but the poor jabroni got sick. May he get well soon. I guess he’s not used to the weather? I ended up playing some KOF instead, and it sure sharpened my skills with guys like Athena, Billy Kane, Goro Daimon, and Tizoc/Griffon. I have problems with Griffon’s headbutt, though. He rolls sometimes. Daimon, on the other hand, is fun with his counter super. Opponent does the tag-in super, then Daimon does the counter. Tagged-in opponent walks into the counter and eats it. Bada-bing! I love it. I should find more uses for Goro, though. I’m not too good with his command throws and comboing his super… shucks.

So there we go. I’ve a dinner date with a friend tonight. Let’s see if I can complete the fourfold goal.

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