Friday, February 27, 2004

.:In Case You Didn’t Know:.

This weblog has been in existence for the past two years. I am quite aware that a lot of people have not seen this weblog’s growing pains, nor has most of this lot ever bothered to go through the archives to understand exactly what “It’s True! It’s True!” is really all about. Some people, therefore, aren’t quite aware of the “traditional” things I’ve been doing for this weblog, such as a weekly Top Five topic, or an occasional rant (Which I call a “vituperation”), or an occasional alternate usage for the word “jabroni” (Which is, to me, a synonym for “friend”.), or an occasional indulgence in the politically incorrect.

Crass? At times, yes. It’s not like I pretend to be refined, anyway. You should see some of the other weblogs, though. There’re people who swear worse than sailors, and I hang around them quite a bit. Despite that, there’s no reason to fault a person in his choice of words, so long as he doesn’t step on other people’s toes.

Arrogant? At times, yes. Let’s face it: when two of your favorite wrestlers are named Rocky Maivia and Kurt Angle, their innate arrogance does rub off on you. I don’t claim to be humble, and truth be told, my downplaying of whatever I can do is mostly to keep people from expecting too much from me than for me to stay as this humble human being of utmost piety and temperance. I am, after all, human. I get my kicks out of hearing from people, in any shape or form, and knowing that somehow, I figure in their lives every now and then. I don’t have to be the center of attraction or the star of the show. I just have to do what I have to do and make sure I don’t antagonize other people to the best of my abilities.

With that being said, maybe some of you jabronis tend to wonder about why I sometimes refer to myself in the third person. Well, yes, it does come off as arrogant, no doubt, but beyond that, I write in the third person from time to time because it’s the way I want to write. Label it as you please, but I simply feel comfortable writing like that every now and then. Occasions such as when I’m exceedingly happy or morose. In any case, it has a lot to do with the fact that again, Rocky Maivia speaks in the third person. The Rock says this, the Rock says that, remember? At the same time, Mr. Jim Paredes, my creativity teacher, allowed me to persist in speaking in the third person in his class almost all the time. Believe it or not, the freedom of doing that, helped my creativity along a lot. In honor of that, I still go back to third person style from time to time. I initially started all my posts in the third person, but even I realized that doing that too often would make it lose its appeal to me to be creative and all. So I only do it from time to time now.

Maybe you think it’s arrogance. I won’t fault you for that. I never claimed to be humble, anyway. Maybe you think it’s being crass and self-centered. Fine, if you judge my being based on a writing style. It’s a bloody writing style. Good Gawd, no need to crucify me for persisting in it. Nonetheless, in case you didn’t know, I thought maybe a reiteration of my history of weblogging should clarify why I post in the third person from time to time. Your call if you don’t buy it, really. I don’t have any need to convince you jabronis otherwise…

.:You Think You Know Me?:.

A WARNING: This is not going to be pretty. Skip this, if you’re so inclined.

While I have no qualms with people who complain about this or that element of my being, I certainly have a bone to pick with those who decide to stab me in the back about these deficiencies AFTER getting what they wanted from me. I mean, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the bloody kitchen. Just make bloody sure you don’t take any of the food with you. If you find me offensive, I find you exceedingly user-friendly and utilitarian. After putting me to use, no matter how meager my utility may have been, you would actually have the gall to lash out at me behind my back. Where’s your intestinal fortitude, jabroni?

I mean, come on, jabroni! You have the nerve to judge me based on what you see here! You think you know me? Well, you don’t. Calling me “crass” after getting what you needed from me is plain low, jabroni. Really low. I wouldn’t mind it at all if you called me whatever the Hades you want, but quit biting the hand that feeds you, jabroni! It just makes you look really bad. Quit biting behind his back too. It must really blow to be you, to use someone else to get something, and then to ditch that person after the utility is over and done with. If you want to assassinate Marcelle’s freaking character, then do it before you take his help. Stop being such a freaking ingrate, because I sure as Hades don’t deserve it. Not especially from you.

I don’t give a flying freak if you think I’m such an annoying bastich who’s only out for recognition. If you had any spine at all, then you’d have told it to my face and not availed of my help. It’s immaterial here if my help was great or not. The mere fact that you availed of it already shows that I have the moral high ground at this juncture.

At the same ruddy time, if you’re so annoyed, who the Hades told you to read the other posts? You came here because you wanted something, and you sure as Hades got it. Then, you take more than you needed, and you have the gall to lash out at me for what you chose to do? Nobody forced you to read my weblog. Nobody. I only offered to help, and if you didn’t want the help, then fine. I did not offer you any insight into my being through my weblog, but only help. If you took more than your share of help, then you fault me for it, then you clearly have no idea what you’re doing.

This is my weblog. This is my space to write about what I feel like writing. It’s like my house. I’m sure you get the analogy, or do I need to make a three-page paper to explain that to you as well? I mean, if I were in your house, I have no right to complain about your décor, or your choice of tacky furniture, because I am your guest. Out of your good will, you let me in, in spite of your shortcomings. I’m sure you’d be equally appalled if after you welcome me to your home, and you let me have lunch, I proceed to lambast you because you have an atrocious-looking carpet and a really dismal wallpaper scheme. I’m sure you know where you’ve heard this concept before. It’s called “a wounded healer”. Oh, wait. Maybe you don’t get that, either. That’s why you came here in the first place, right?

So if you got anything more to say, why don’t you say it to my face, jabroni? Or are you just content simmering and stabbing me in the back while I call you out? I offered help, you took it. If you have any problems with anything else beyond that, then don’t take my help in the first place. That way, I don’t have to waste my time and energies making you famous by writing about you for being such a freaking spineless ingrate. That way, you can still keep your dignity for calling me a crass, arrogant, and “feeling” bastich, because you were so appalled by my perceived faults that you flat-out refuse any help I extend to you. But no, you made an IW out of me, then you talk behind my back. How’s that for classy?

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