Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Let's hope Grace makes it into St. Luke's Med School... all the best of luck to her.

.:I Trust You In A Different Way:.

Marcelle: So, Abby: maybe you want to join a group study for Theology on Monday...

Abby: Who's in it?

Marcelle: Well, Cami... *Interrupted*

Abby: No, never mind. Wouldn't want to get in the way.

Marcelle: She's not even Chinese!

Abby: So? Grace isn't even Chinese.

Marcelle: But Grace is my girlfriend. Of course she's an exception. Besides, the fact that I have one further proves...

Abby: Sure.

Marcelle: I would've liked to think that you'd learn to trust me after all these years.

Abby: I guess I trust you in a different way.

Okay. Fine. So I got PWN3D. Never mind...

.:It's Over!:.

One good reason why I didn't ever bother watching much of American Idol III last night, though I did see that Will Hung guy, who sure was hilarious in his own respect: Great Teacher Onizuka!!!

The show is over now. The Miyabi hurdle has been overcome, and I swear, it's a true revelation for the character of Kyoto-sensei, the Vice Principal, who ended up realizing that the Education Board was set up not for the sake of the board or the teachers, but for the students. This pair of episodes rivals the sheer emotionality of the nice moment Uehara and Yoshikawa had in Okinawa. I swear, I love this series to bits, and I don't think "GTM" is appropriate to me. Why not "Amazing Teacher Marcelle" instead? "ATM" sounds pretty cool...

I intend to review this series soon. About time I became a contributor to OB, and not just a member. :)


I forgot to have myself fitted for a graduation toga, and forgot to sign up for my Theology oral examinations. Am I lucky those things can still be salvaged. In spite of that, I swear: I am really absent-minded with stuff like this lately. I don't think I can keep on putting off these things...

Elbert's also been ribbing me here and there over our Theo project, as I conceptualized that Ediboy Callassanz and Mr. Dy-Liaco would be the main characters. Elbert put the idea in drawing REALLY well...

However, I don't intend to forget that I am going to answer the Theology thesis statements, by Monday, at the latest. I will give Mr. Dy-Liaco the URL of this weblog at the end of the sem, so know your role and don't steal the examples. You'd hurt yourself more. Trust me on this...

I even have this really neat example in mind for Philo. I'll tell you about it, but it's easier to do than to say. Maybe after the orals today...


It finally happened, and I'm sad I wasn't there to see it. "The hotter brother" Greg Turvey showed up in the RX station to drop by the Morning Rush, with Delamar being taken completely by surprise. I'm sure she was no longer expecting this, but I could imagine the mixture of delight and surprise on her face when Greggie boy showed up. That Brad Turvey is so full of surprises... this is pretty interesting, as Delle is easily flabbergasted when a crushie shows up, so I'm glad that she wasn't manning the board. Imagine the chaos.

Of course, keeping myself a bit distanced lest I get too personally affected is the best course of action with The Morning Rush right now...

.:Easy For You To Say: The Unsent Series Part IV:.

Dear Prudence,

It's easy for you to forget what was good. It's hard for you to forget what went wrong. It's easy for you to say that it never mattered to you. After all, you just besmirched a man's integrity, and didn't have to go through grief about it. It's easy for you to chuck away the good times because of the bad. Yet it's easy for you to think you're such a special friend. It's easy for you to think you're so divine and great. It's so easy, isn't it? After all, Marcelle didn't do anything to hurt you, so all you really have going for you is the fact that you just crucified him, and you can turn around and forget all about it.

Easy for you to say that it's of no consequence to you. You're not the one whose integrity was on the line. Easy for you to say that it didn't matter to you. You're not the one whose reputation was being fried on a skillet in simmering brine. Easy for you to say that you're not perturbed. Seared consciences really do that for you nowadays.

Maybe when you go to Hades one of these days, it wouldn't be so easy on you. Maybe you ought to realize that, Prudence. You have no idea what you did, yet it's so easy for you to ignore the consequences of your actions.

Maybe because no matter how bad the results may have been, it never really happened to you.

Easy for you to say, Prudence.

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