Friday, February 27, 2004


Friendster seems to have been either fritzy lately, or Ateneo has finally ensured that the students can’t log into it through the school computers. Every time you enter your e-mail and password, you are then returned to the login screen after a while as though nothing happened.

Thank goodness I’m not too hooked on it… Orkut is way better…

.:No Big Deal:.

Went on air with Chico and Delamar this morning, but other than Chico giving me a bit of the rub by telling me that I’ve actually improved a bit during my delivery of the Generation RX Poll Question. Of course, I ended up doing that sing-song tone of mine again once I did the Sunsilk tags. I guess I realized that the latter happened mainly because I was having panic attacks, which kept me from consciously avoiding my mannerism of doing that really annoying mode of enunciation when I’m reading something…

Didn’t answer the Hot 10 today, but that’s fine. I didn’t have much to say about movie experiences anyway…

I swear. My mind is slowing down now. I cannot help but feel that after making my brain work off the charts (I have never put my mind to this much work. Ever. Maybe it’s not much to you jabronis, but considering how I’m quite a slacker most of the time, this is an off-the-hook effort…), it’s involuntarily relaxing on me now, and I, for the life of me, couldn’t think of something extra witty to post. Nonetheless, that’s no problem with me. I’m sure I could come up and say something nice by next week…

.:No. Thank YOU.:.

It really makes my day to know that I’ve done a good deed successfully. So to Emily and Jason, I’m glad to be of help, and thank you for the measure of confidence. Good luck to you jabronis in the near future.

.:A Dearth Of IQ:.

The people who get banned on OB keep on getting dumber and dumber and dumber… this is so funny, you don’t have to play Ragnarok just to relate…

From thornz, a.k.a. wOrd:

I wish you wannabe japanese people quit trying to speak it. *thumbs down sign*

Actually, at this point, this species of moronica sounds like he’s actually making sense. Sounds exceedingly patriotic, a bit foolhardy, but at least, he stands for patriotism, and doesn’t believe in these otakus on Otaku Board who love to joke about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s atrocious Japanese commercial. But then, any hope for a semblance of intelligence is thrown out the window when…

From thornz, a.k.a. wOrd:

oh an another thing ichi u dumb@$$ i only have 2 posts because i keep getting banned so ill (sic) just keep making accounts so i dont give a $h!7 about what u say

can u white people act like your own culture go to damn england or something your
(sic) making japan here look bad. u comin acting lie (Guess what? Even more sic!) dumbasses and u make this (You got it. Sic) place all dirty WTF is up with that.

Yo, yo, yo. Chill. So you’re saying that the people on Otaku Board, particularly those playing on PHILIPPINE Ragnarok Online are all white people. Word. That’s funny. Somewhere in that mind of yours, you probably think that we jabronis here are wannabe Asians. O-okay… ::dusts off shoulders after shaking both from side to side::

And if you’re sooo proud of being Japanese, how do you explain this traced IP address (Courtesy of madame sky.)?

Address: 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
City: Marina del Rey
StateProv: CA
PostalCode: 90292-6695
Country: US

So Marcelle’s a white boy wannabe Japanese, eh? Well, just call me Vanilla Weiss. Daijo-bwi!!!

.:Can You Smell It?:.

Graduation’s around the corner. Can you smell it? I really don’t think there’re too many sad songs I can sing once I graduate. It’s not like I’d stop keeping in touch with the people who matter, anyway. I guess I’d really appreciate to make the most out of my last few days as a college student, but then again, what else can I do that I haven’t already done? I don’t feel the need to actively cement my legacy in this batch, really. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m just one of the many here, although winning my two nominations in the Blue Roast Awards would be really nice. I certainly hope that I can be able to win both. I know Bobby Benedicto’s also nominated for “Batch Genius”, but I still figure that I’d have a fighting chance here…

I guess I’d write a bit more extensively about graduation in the future. I just don’t feel any cause for writing right now: no extreme sentimentality, no profound inspiration. Simply put, all I really need is to let all the hoopla sink into my system: I still feel like a student, I still feel like an atypical nerd, and I still really feel like I want to stay around on campus… as a teacher, hopefully. Hopefully, indeed. I don’t want to give myself too much hype or credit as it wouldn’t help me one bit. I’d be best-served to just let the natural process take its course and allow me to actually achieve what I really hope I can achieve… ah, well.

I know I’m a sentimental person, but when you realize that you could’ve been doing better than how you were, reminiscing does little more than frustrate you. I guess that’s why until I’m over that pettiness, I can’t really reminisce properly, truth be told… I really feel a bit inadequate at this point, but never mind.

I can’t help but agree with Cami though, when she says that she sees the value in meeting great people on the last possible minute. And what can I say? I certainly have. And they’re every bit as meaningful as the people who have lasted me through the years… I just really feel glad that I didn’t let the opportunity to figure in their lives somehow just go and slip me by…

.:Four Down, None To Go; Five Down, None To Go:.

I don’t want to say outright that I have a perfect 4.0 QPI this semester. I don’t want to jinx it. However, I do want to point out that I have already finished all my requirements, so I guess that means I can be happy and all. I’ve finished my 19-page paper for Pablito Perez since Wednesday, and then I already wrapped up my film paper for Fr. Nick, which I absentmindedly left in the CS laboratory in diskette format. That was one of the most idiotic things I’ve done, I swear. If Peppy doesn’t find that (Boy, I owe him big time for this! Domo Arigato!) tomorrow, I’m pretty much screwed already and I’d have to rewrite that paper… annoying. Really annoying, I swear. In spite of that, I guess I can say that I’m still pretty happy whatever happens, all things considered. (Then again, an update: it’s all settled, printed, and submitted now, so I can breathe easy…)

Spoke to Peppy while asking him for that big favor, and I swear, I’ve been giving him too much information, really. There are just some things I don’t really have to compare, but I go ahead and compare them, anyway…

Regardless of how this turns out, the nice thing is that I’m more or less complete with the requirements already. No need to wait until Saturday to wrap up everything.

In other news, four down, none to go. I sat in on Sacha’s class today, although she was hardly in the classroom, as she was more or less too busy proctoring, I believe. In any case, she texted me while I was in Megamall to meet her for dinner, though we just ended up chatting in Starbucks for about an hour and a half. No big deal, really. I guess she just enjoyed the fact that I am suddenly heavily considering a shift in career, completely ignoring the course I studied for. I don’t mind, truth be told. I’m after fulfillment right now, although if something like McKinzie offered me a consultancy for a six-digit salary, I know I’d work on that for a couple of years but end up teaching afterwards, anyway. I don’t think I can say I have lived my life if I haven’t experienced teaching… I just don’t think so.

Nonetheless, I’ve been chatting a bit with Sacha’s students. They’re all a nice bunch, although they still tend to neglect the fact that I’m not a computer science student, so I am sometimes completely oblivious to their jokes and all. Nonetheless, it’s nice talking to them. They know me by face, most likely, as not too many of them know my name. I’m just that guy who always sits in to go online for the duration of the class. Be that as it may, I’m still doing fine with them, really. It’s fun talking to them…

So I ran into Dot and Kim in Starbucks, as well as Meg and Pia. Just a few coincidences that are bound to happen. It’s Katipunan, after all. I really ought to keep my ego in check again, though. Those “A’s” mean nothing if I suddenly act all amoral (Not just “not moral”, i.e. immoral, but bereft of it… nice derivative.). I find that particularly futile. Nonetheless, I was talking a bit with Dot and Kim, and then Sacha arrived shortly afterwards. She just had some hot chocolate, and then she started talking to me. She actually won the “Batch Genius” award. Interesting. Really interesting.

She then talked a bit about her plans, and her beliefs in life. She seems pretty sure-footed to me, the more I observe her. I guess my being a fan of pluralism means that while I take a particular path in life, I am still open to the validity of the others around me. It helps me avoid any conflicts of interest. Pretty useful, if you think about it. Sacha wasn’t so receptive of Delamar’s theory on love as merely a controlling mechanism, though. Moving on, I guess if there’s one word people attribute to Sach mostly in a half-serious way but they really should mean it seriously, it’s “passionate”. Not that kind of passionate, though. I mean passionate in her work, in whatever purpose she finds herself to be serving the best. That amount of self-confidence within her really just makes people recognize that she’s got a good head on her shoulders.

An interesting excerpt from our dialogue, though:

Sacha: In case you’re wondering why people think I’m a “hot chick”, why don’t you ask Jobert? He was the one who thought so.

Marcelle: He said it’s the hair. But I don’t agree.

Sacha: Well, yes. But it can’t be the voice either. Some people are annoyed by that.

Marcelle: I’m sorry. That, I appreciate. Of course, me and my girlfriend don’t agree on that count, and she questions my ears.

Sacha: Hmm…

Marcelle: Maybe it’s your… or rather, your lack of…

Sacha: … Inhibition?

Marcelle: Not really. Try “hot implants”.

Sacha: You seem to be a bit fixated on that. I do appreciate the comments about my hemispheres, though (Brain hemispheres! Come on, stop that!).

Funny dialogue, I swear. I did get a nice reminder about my being a bit too competitive at times, though. Not that I’m trying to outdo her at computers, but I tend to shrink when I’m around greatness and all. She then talks about how if two people don’t find any common ground as a basis of comparison, then the next best thing is determining who’s more into whatever their strongest suit may be. It’d be interesting to see how me and Peppy would go around in the faculty, though. That’d be quite a sight… two evil men, plotting all the time…

After a bit more of intelligent conversation (She didn’t get the “This is up and this is down” puzzle, though.), we left Starbucks, and walked generally in the same direction until I got to KFC. I guess I was a bit brazen enough, and, well… asked for a hug. She readily obliged, to which I am extremely grateful for. I really appreciated that bonding time, as it really made me feel more and more sure that following this path I’m taking at the moment is the right thing to do. Maybe I won’t be making a 6-digit paycheck in this path, but bottom line is that I know I’ll be flourishing in this path I’m taking. At the same time, I don’t intend to speak with any finality either, so maybe that 6-digit paycheck isn’t so out of the question just yet…

Thank you very much for the time and the hug as well, Sach. It reassured me that I’ve been on the right track thus far. Hope to be working with you (indirectly) soon.

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