Monday, February 23, 2004

A boring entry for a boring weekend... sort of boring, but with my being busy and all, I guess it makes sense why things are going this haywire... expect my posting to be less scatter-rained by Wednesday...


Abby, thank you for snapping me back to my senses. I guess these are times when positivity is simply not enough to make me feel exceedingly sure-footed about things, and that really can’t be helped from time to time.

I suppose it’s the half-empty or half-full argument. I really don’t look at the glass as half-empty most of the time, but situations do come up from time to time that make me end up viewing it as such. Ah, well. That’s the way things are…

I’ve seen the four winning articles on Comic Images for the Raw Deal writer’s team, and I feel a bit justified that even though I didn’t win, the people who actually did really deserved it. So maybe they didn’t come up with t3ch gold for their articles, but they did what they were supposed to do, and that was to educate the player on the finer elements of gaming. Nothing earth-shaking. Just solid and extremely interesting writing from them carried them all the way through. I’d have wanted to be a regular writer, but I guess the fact remains that the articles these guys wrote about really shed new light on how I looked at the game, especially the two deckbuilding articles that were there. New terms even a longtime gamer like myself happened to be unfamiliar with, for instance, really educated me. So I guess I’ve no complaints with their win. Too bad about my not getting any booster boxes, though. I guess there’s always next year…

A bunch of B+/A’s in the oral exam results for Mr. Bulaong, but I’m genuinely surprised that I was the lone full-pledged A in the whole thing. In fact, I’m less proud and more surprised about it, considering how I would’ve thought that my other classmates would’ve gotten used to Mr. Bulaong’s style by now, and thus adapt their argumentation and elucidation accordingly. Arthur got even lower this time, as he had a B/B+ instead of a flat B+. Frankly, that does surprise me, as I always thought Mr. Bulaong appreciated Arthur’s enthusiasm and I was giving Arthur the benefit of the doubt that all his questions would lead to better answers from him when called upon it. Apparently not…

Nonetheless, I’m grateful to Abby because she certainly knocked some sense back into my head. I guess I have quite a lot of things I could still be thankful for.

.:Finally, Support:.

My mom doesn’t show any more resistance to the idea that I would teach Philosophy when I graduate. She originally refused to let me take a minor in Philosophy, but now, she is apparently supportive about the idea now. I noticed it when she was glad about the idea while we were talking about it over lunch at Steak Jack for my grandparents’ wedding anniversary. I guess that’s pretty nice, as I really want to teach, even for just a while. Ran into Charlene (Chua) in Steak Jack as well. She was either on a date with a guy and her brother, or she was with two siblings. I wouldn’t know, really. Not my job to stalk into this… ah, well.

I’m glad that I don’t have to go an extra mile just to convince my parents I want to do this. It’s a matter of fulfillment for me. Maybe I wouldn’t be making insane amounts of money in my line of work, but as long as I’m making do with what I have, and I’m not stepping on other people, I guess I really wouldn’t mind that fact. I’ve been having a nice chat with one of my Philosophy classmates (Hi, Rowena!) just now, and people I know I’ve helped somehow really make me feel a lot better with the choice I’m taking. Did the vote of confidence make me richer? No. But was the fact that I can help people through what I do good in and by itself? Hades, yeah.


Not that I intend to break up with Grace, but I do believe that it’s hard to be in a relationship for keeps if you haven’t had anyone else. This is not to say that I should actively be looking for other girls in the meantime, but I really believe that regrets when it’s too late into a relationship are flat-out bad… nonetheless, I guess this is planning way too far ahead, and I know it’s not the most optimistic thing to think about, but talking about things like this with Grace make me feel a lot more secure about my relationship with her. Ironic, neh? Works for me, nonetheless. We actually had a nice date, although we got exceedingly frustrated that after all that trouble for a Tower GC at TGI Friday’s, we end up going there and discovering that the Tower isn’t available. What a bloody rip-off.

Grace and I seem to have a kind of understanding of one another's personality that both of us can get away with things we can't hope to get away with if we were around somebody else. I don't know why, but I guess the quirks and all do add up to the fact that Grace and I have really come a long way, so regardless of how things turn out between the two of us, I'm quite certain that both of us would play a significant role in each other's life... I find that to be a good thing, in all honesty.

Anyways, things have been going pretty fine for me, as far as life goes. It’s not perfect, but I’m pretty content where I stand with my relationships. Lots of “what-if’s” do come along, but I recognize that I’d be asking “what if” anyway, regardless of which path I may choose. As such, I’ll just go where I feel is the right place to go to…

.:Theology Reviews:.

Kim wasn’t able to join me and Elbert review for Theology today, along with a few other people I know. Nonetheless, our review session was mostly about stories, anyway, and I didn’t know that one of the people there was Daph Villanueva’s cousin. Apparently, they’re pure Chinese despite the surname because they took the Filipino surname, so some of them are Lee, some Lee-Villanueva, some only Villanueva. Pretty interesting, really.

Elbert had a few interesting stories to talk about. Of course, my classmates discovered exactly how Elbert and I conduct our “reviews”. We hardly talk about anything, really. We usually throw about stories and (corny) jokes, then somehow, the answers do step right into the fray. Despite that, I think we made some headway, nonetheless. Elbert finally heard about the long-running joke between Grace and me.

Marcelle: Actually, Grace is smarter than I am.

Elbert: Why is that?

Marcelle: Because she picked me to be her boyfriend. How smart can that be?

.:Looking To Complete Pictures:.

Found some pictures for numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, and 11. Still, some of them aren’t the best pictures around, whilst others simply aren’t online (My cellular phone, for instance.). I’m hoping to complete these pictures soon enough. No particular reason, really. It’s just great. I could actually post these pictures already, but I’d rather not. That’s being mean to some of the people concerned, as they’ve no idea that I even have their pictures on my person by now. Diane’s pictures are especially cute, as far as I’m concerned. Sigh. I think she's moving up... Earl's sister is actually… forget it. He’d kill me. Ah, well. I have my means. I’m sure you jabronis know that by now…

Ah, yes. The hotness of it all… it’s true! It’s true!

I’ve had so many things to blog about for the past weekend, but they all seem gone now. Ah, well. I can’t do much about that. Still, my KOF has been steadily improving. Griffon’s a fun character to use, no question about it. With two A’s for sure, I have three more to work on, so I guess I can’t relax now. I’ve got to push myself further on, and hope that I can make it to Cum Laude.

I’ll be on air with Chico and Delamar tomorrow. Hope you guys will be listening, from 6-9 in the morning, only on Manila’s Hottest, Monster Radio RX 93.1…

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