Thursday, February 05, 2004

.:Jumping Through Some Hoops:.

It's high time I figured out whether or not I would really want to teach Philosophy when I graduate. I guess the least I could do is send in my resume and my transcript to the Philosophy department, and hope that they're ready to take me in as a teaching assistant. I know I have a long way to go, as far as I'm concerned. There're quite a few hoops I'd have to go through, and I'd want to learn more German if I really wanted to get ahead in Philosophy. Moreover, I'm not immediately working at this point: I'm merely a teaching assistant, which of course leads me to ask what I'll be doing there, so I'd want to talk to someone like Joy Guererro about it.

Mr. Bulaong keeps on joking about my being a debater, which is kind of ludicrous, because no matter how "good" I was at debating, I never really had the motivation to stay on as one, through thick and thin. Sometimes, getting along with other people is simply a better way of getting your point across than arguing with them. Nonetheless, I would really want to teach, so there is no reason for me to go and sit on my back and not keep my options in Philosophy open...

Mr. Bulaong: Baliw siya, ano? Nag-debate debate, tapos, magtuturo ng Philosophy? (He's crazy, isn't he? After debating and debating, he teaches Philosophy?)

Noel Blanco: Uh, yeah.

Mr. Bulaong: Marcelle, hindi ka yayaman niyan. (Marcelle, you're not getting rich that way.

Marcelle: Sir, that's not the point.

So help me. of all times for me to catch GTO, it had to be in my senior year, when I was beginning to open myself up to teaching Philosophy. Now, I know I won't be as successful as most people believed I would've been in, say, advertising, but I'm not closing my door to those things, either. As of now, I would want to teach, and there's no harm in making an effort to put myself into that situation and feel for myself whether or not I can be GTM myself... Only time can tell.

With all the options handed to me, I myself am surprised over how determined I am to go and teach. What's really interesting about this is that Mr. Bulaong is right: I'm not going to get rich by teaching. I myself would be realistic: it's unlikely I'd still be teaching (Assuming I do teach.) ten years from now, as I will still end up pursuing my P.R. career, or even my radio career. In spite of those considerations, I see no reason why I should give back something to the subject that has shaped my way of thinking the most, albeit guardedly, if only for madame sky's admonition of my being too idealistic in Philosophy. I'm still the same realist schmuck they've known all this time, just a bit more prepared for other circumstances that may come along...

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