Monday, February 09, 2004

.:Just The Top Five:.

Next week’s Top Five: The Top Five Useless Bargains. (e.g. A flashlight for only ten pesos! However, it’s solar powered.) E-mail me at for any replies.

For this week…

The Top Five Non-Politicans Who Should Run For President

5. Hilario Davide: He knows how to lead, has charisma, and something most presidentiables lack. Integrity.
4. Mike Enriquez: A brilliant media personality who is well-known for his sense of fair play and wide knowledge.
3. Ediboy Callasanz: Intelligent, visionary, and devoted to work. Who wouldn’t want these qualities in a president?
2. Aubrey Miles: With the male population at her beck and call, I highly doubt that the peace and order of this country would still be in question.
1. Abstain: Given our set of candidates this year, and the lack of optimism towards the best candidate of the lot, we should give Abstain a chance to win.

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