Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Double Whammy...


My weekend was rather interesting because I had unorthodox shows to do on both days, but all in all, they were great shows.

I had a jampacked weekend, as in between shows, I had to go to about three to four parties, go to Banchetto, catch The Nutcracker, go shopping at World Trade, go to videoke twice, get seemingly tipsy (Though probably not.), and watch Mike Unson’s year-ender show in Conspiracy bar.

Saturday was a show for Happy Andrada’s birthday fashion show special in Shang-rila mall, and I was pretty happy with the results. The crowd was surprisingly appreciative despite being a mostly adult audience. Within twenty minutes, I managed to really tickle the fancy of the crowd as they were laughing when I wanted them to, and applauding when I wanted them to. It’s one of those times when I happen to be on my “A” game, and it was going to carry over all the way to the next day.

Sunday was a weird show since not only was I performing with one of my personal heroes, Mike Unson, we were ac tually performing in a venue without a sound system. Still, it was all good, as the audience decided to be extra attentive to us since we were competing with the ambient sounds in The Block. Considering how much the people enjoyed the approximately half-hour show, I was pretty stoked about how things turned out. All in all, we had a pretty good thing going, and it’s not a remote shot to expect to see these people again in the near future.

While I was there, it was a good opportunity to sit down and pick at Mike’s brain, and figure out what makes him tick. The guy is an extremely intelligent person who knows how to think on his feet and has a wide range of experience in a lot of aspects of his life. Even his manager, Pat, was chiming in every now and then on some facets of the industry, not to mention other slices of life that they’re apparently quite knowledgeable in.

There’s nothing like learning from the masters. That much, I can tell you.


michael said...

That was a weird venue, huh Kel? Imagine no sound system and being semi open air. Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha

You should try performing while a band's setting up behind you.Now that's an excellent exercise on one's focus. Anyway, Happy holidays!


Mike U.

Marcelle said...

No question about it, Mike! It was weird, but quite an experience.

I've had to perform in the middle of a band's soundcheck in the past, so yeah, it does get mighty distracting. Hehe.

Happy holidays to you too, Mike!