Thursday, December 03, 2009

Thrown A Curveball...

.:Thrown A Curveball:.

Last night’s weekly standup comedy at Sidebar El Pueblo turned out to be one of the best sets I’ve ever done in a long while. Considering that I hosted the standup night and the comedians that night were all on fire (Especially Alex Calleja, as expected.), and when it was my turn to do my set, I had a pretty unique curveball thrown at me during my National University bit, as two people actually applauded when I asked if anyone came from NU.

Turns out, neither two people, Trixie or Anna, were really from NU. I was had, but in the end, it made for a more organic set as I had to maneuver myself out of that sticky scenario as deftly as I could, and I actually did fairly well doing that.

Ultimately, after a great round from the comics, we made a bunch of new friends from that table. From Elgin to Vanessa to Trixie, we really found people who appreciated our work. It’s always great to have a shot in the arm like that.

In any case, that was how we spent our Wednesday night, and today’s a bit non-happening as far as work goes in the office, so yeah, it’s all good.

.:Thesis FTW:.

That’s what I’m doing, explaining why I’m doing so little blogging lately.


AC said...

So who's that girl from NU? Nyahahaha! :D

Judd said...

So that university still doesn't exist! Hooray!