Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Top 10 People I'm Most Grateful To In 2009, Part 3 Of 10...

.:The Top Ten People I’m Most Grateful For In 2010, Part 3 Of 10:.

8. The Blogosphere

While this is very general, I think it would be great to specifically mention the people I’ve been especially closest to this past year, not to mention give ‘em some linklove on this post.

I’ve met new people like Cher, built quite a rapport with the great Marocharim, learned to appreciate the likes of Chris and Helga, discovered an insanely funny but profound character in Dementiam found an achie in Roch, and ultimately, found a great music/movie/whatever buddy in one of my best friends, Sarah.

Special mention has to go to Ate Aileen and Jay for tying the knot last Saturday, though. The pictures really showed just how happy we were that day.

It’s needless to say that my life would’ve been much less exciting without these people, and all the other great people in the blogosphere whom I may not have specifically mentioned at this point. Winning in this year’s Philippine Blog Awards was also quite a shot in the arm for someone such as myself, who’s been blogging for longer than I’d care to recall.

Thank you, blogosphere! You jabronis never cease to amaze me with the kind of things you come up with time and time again.

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