Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On Lovey-Doveys And Disenchantment


Can’t believe how quick things turned out, but I’m relishing the moments spent with my Lovey-Dovey. Suddenly, my Christmas wasn’t cold any longer.

.:DK Goings-On:.

I must say, being online while on the Disenchanted Kingdom has allowed me to keep up with on-air discussions better, if only for the fact that I’m more capable of contributing to the conversation on the fly because even if I’m lost and clueless about a certain topic, I now have the capability to look it up.

Last Monday and Tuesday, the DK episodes have been quite entertaining, amid all the veiled tones Logan masterfully interjected into the flow of the show. It was a bit surprising to find out about Brittany Murphy’s unfortunate passing last Monday, but overall, I was finding it easier to interact with Marf, Pom, Logan, and Cleo throughout the program. After that, we actually swung by the ToyCon just because we all thought it’d be really cool to go there and see what’s going on.

The “Plant Man” moniker does persist, but I personally don’t think it applies anymore, especially when Tuesday’s episode came along, which to me, was even better.

Thing is, Logan started talking about how people in corporate boardroom meetings seem to always be spouting clichés that don’t really mean anything at all. I recalled seeing a bingo card online though, and it’s apparently a little game employees happen to play when meetings are way too boring. Watch out for buzzwords like “negotiating a win-win situation” and “movers and shakers in the pipeline” during a meeting, and you’d understand that a lot of this stuff is really just meaningless drivel being thrown in to sound substantial.

Just like the words “anyways” and “in any case!” But I digress.

I gave them my presents last Thursday, and had to miss out on the Christmas episode on Friday because I was predictably with my family. Nonetheless, it’s good to know that the presents I carefully picked for each of them went over with them very well, whether it was the Batmobile for Marf, or Quagmire for Cleo, or the Vader Mr. Potato Head for Logan. The day before that, I swung by Chico during his shift on RX (Didn’t know Delle was on leave when I went.) and gave him my presents for him and Delle. It was all good, really.

I had a very abbreviated Christmas list, but that’s mainly because I really do think my presents over before I just hand something to someone. I remember that outside of family, the only other person I had was the Ice Queen, and I had to have a lot of assistance there just to ensure I got something she’d like.

To me, in an age of commercialism and materialism, putting a little love into your presents could do so much to change someone’s Christmas for that year.

Having said that, Monday was a pretty cool day as well. Pom was exceptionally generous with presents, and I received candy cigarettes from the man. That was just way cool. They were ribbing me quite a bit as well because at the end of Friday’s show, Cleo happily announced that I was in a relationship already, and of course, Logan and Marf just need to chime in on that. Even had a moment where I got to pick Cleo’s brain for a few minutes after the show as well, and I can’t be any happier for her as far as how things are going...

This has been a nice way to cap off what was a very challenging year. Here’s hoping things move on the up and up come 2010.

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