Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Speedy Recap!

.:No Rest For The Wicked:.

Well, I just woke up after a long, restful sleep to cap off my all-nighter, as I went straight from doing standup comedy with the open mic guys at Alchemy (And even won a ticket to Ne-Yo for my efforts.) to heading straight to 99.5 RT in anticipation of the Disenchanted Kingdom with Logan, Cleo, and Marf. Yes, I was two and a half hours early to the dance.

Despite that, we still had a pretty good run, especially since Marf apparently ran into Judy Ann Santos in Alabang Town Center the other day and promptly acted like a starstruck fanboy. For. Judy. Ann. Santos! I don’t know about you, but even he was surprised at his reaction. This led to a point where we played “Gaano Ka-Pinoy ang Pinoy?” The topic was funny: it’s about Pinoys who run into celebrities, and my answers were very anecdotal.

Achie Rochelle was listening to the show, and I managed to squeeze in mentioning her name when I started giving my Angelu de Leon answers. LOL. I was so starstruck when I saw her last time in the World Trade Bazaar a few weeks ago. Heh.

All in all, it’s been a good experience, especially since that night, I did a good job with my standup set, and while I’d love to post a retrospective on the year that was, all in all, I think I’d rather not. The –Ber months were definitely exciting, though, and I’m glad that I managed to do my part in helping out during our more trying times, on my birthday, no less.

After the show, I hung out with them at 7/11, and then Cleo introduced me to the unmatchable goodness we know as “Three Sisters”. I was in heaven when I tried their lechon kawali.

.:Rediscovering MTG:.

After a long hiatus from the tournament scene, I made some key purchases to make my deck a powerhouse once more, and I’m definitely excited about what 2010 holds for us Magic: The Gathering players. One can hope that the good cards Zendikar has unleashed would only be a portent of things to come in the following sets for the game.

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