Wednesday, December 02, 2009

My Thesis Affects Everything...

.:Just Because I Think It’s Cool...:.

Here’s a photo of last Monday’s mini-reunion, featuring a good chunk of the former air staff of 939KCFM...

This would’ve been interesting if everyone really showed up...

.:DK Today:.

The gang’s all here (Except for Pom, that is.) in RT right now, as Marf, Cleo, Logan, and yours truly are kicking it in the morning, and Logan, in a sweat-inducing moment, checked out on the air what the other radio stations are up to, just to prove a point.

It’s been an interesting morning so far, and considering how I’m still a bit of a zombie after hanging out with the comics in Alchemy last night and even singing a couple of songs during Mellow Manila’s second set, Logan’s early-morning antics definitely woke me right back up.

For some reason, the Chowking commercial actually turned out to be a point of discussion as well, and it was just weird when interspersed with news about a Singaporean woman who bit off more than she can chew.

This morning, we also learn that Logan happens to have a B/V problem. He had a difficult time saying “cabin fever”, which certainly wasn’t the least bit of an issue for Marf. I wonder how he’d fare talking about the Bang Bus, then?

Just now, the topic of the infamous chindogu came up, proving once again how crazy Japan really is. This was followed by Logan almost salivating as he described in loving detail how much he was craving for longganisang Lucban with garlic rice and sukang pinakurat to boot. Hades, I don’t even eat longganisa, yet I ended up just being enthralled by Logan’s enthusiastic and delectable description of the meal.

And because we’re crazy like that, we ended up discussing how a magician would make a unique wedding proposal, and I suggested making a ring materialize from a computer screen into reality as a way of transitioning into the proposal. Admittedly, it was crazy cheesy, but whaddaheck, right? If it works, then it works, no matter how sappy it could be.

.:Meetings Galore:.

Work has been heavy for me this past week. I’m loaded up to my ears in meetings and stuff, not to mention the fact that I need to cough up 25 more pages for my thesis word count to look presentable when I submit it...

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