Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Top 10 People I'm Most Grateful To In 2009, Part 2 Of 10...

.:The Top Ten People I’m Most Grateful For In 2009, Part 2 Of 10:.

And I keep on thanking the people I truly wish to thank...

9. The Magic Community

You know, as a guy who considers himself a very independent personality within the magic industry, it’s very encouraging to see how the people in the industry have been, for the most part, very good to me. Whether with the way they supported me in this year’s “Bound And Gagged” show, or how I have legendary stalwarts such as Jeff Tam, sir Lou Hilario, and Rannie Raymundo willingly speak to me and treat me with nothing but courtesy, or actually working with the likes of Wanlu and Ony Carcamo, I’m simply amazed at the community.

I can’t thank the magic community enough, especially my very good friends from The Story Circle, for being a constant part of my life this past year. Though I’m not officially part of the community, it’s good to know that I have nothing but good will with all of them.

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