Monday, December 28, 2009

The Top 10 People I'm Most Grateful To In 2009, Part 1 Of 10...

.:The Top Ten People I’m Most Grateful For In 2009:.

It’s that time of the year once again, and as this year was an exceptionally good year for me despite everything that’s happened, I wanted to express my gratitude to people I’ve had in my life throughout the year who have been instrumental in making this year what it is. Thanking them is simply the least I could do, and what better way to do it than via my annual list, once again expanding to the top ten people I’m most grateful for in 2009?

Let’s start this list by thanking a newfound friend, and a group I’ve always been a huuuuge fan of for years already...

10. The Itchyworms

Earlier this year, I sorta started having a nightlife, and it mostly involved either standup comedy or going to gigs. Now, as I’m very picky of which bands I like to patronize, I would usually go for five reasons: Roots Of Nature, Radioactive Sago Project, Sugarfree, the now-disbanded Project 2 band, and the Itchyworms.

Of all these bands, my absolute favourite has got to be the Itchyworms. I love their songs, and they just really speak to me, and there’s also the fact that getting to personally know the members of their band has done nothing but increase my admiration for them as a group. I’m glad to be able to consider them my friends, and having them play “Loveteam” by request during one of their gigs has got to be one of the highlights of the year, as I absobloodylutely love that song.

Needless to say, I hope to continue checking these guys out when they have a gig within striking distance of me. I never get tired of hearing their songs, and their third album, as far as I’m concerned, is a must-have. As were their first and second albums (The second one had “Love Team,” after all.), but their third one holds a special place in my heart. Heh.

Here’s to hoping I could have a chance to work with them in 2010, though.

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