Thursday, December 24, 2009

Party For The Party People...

.:Party For The Party People!:.

In the hubbub over what happened last December 17, I completely forgot that there was a good thing that came out of that night, and that was the Christmas party for the party people. Essentially, the people who make children's parties all over the metro gathered together to have fun, and...

... just be glad no kids went to that party. Seriously.

In my time, I’ve been to some wild parties, despite being straight edge and all. Let me just categorically state that this party has been the most na, wildest pa party I’ve been to. Ever.

Sure, we had our usual fun, what with Yoyo Master performing, and all the amazing food we had, but the games we played weren’t exactly children’s party fare.

Gone were the Bring Me’s and the Trips To Jerusalem. In their place, ladies had to run a calamansi up one pants and leg and out the other. Since Chubi del Rosario is now a party host, you can tell his female partner enjoyed that moment so much, she refused to win and kept on running the calamansi back and forth, much to Chubi’s consternation. :P

To protect the identity of certain people, let’s just say that one of my personal heroes in Philippine magic ended up putting on quite a spectacular show, and one that I can never unsee. That, and one of my favourite party organizers was drunk off her hiney, and she was just so intoxicated, she was stumbling like mad all over the place. Still, it was an enjoyable night, and a good chance to bond with the people I usually work with during children’s parties.

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