Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Britney Spears song do you think best exemplifies your life and/or ideals?

"Sometimes" seems to really hit the spot. The thing with Britney and most of her songs is that she espouses a lot of vulnerability, and I was thinking if "Slave 4 U" or "Born To Make You Happy" or "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart" would fit me, but those only fit me at some points in my life.

The underlying theme in "Sometimes" is that while the song apparently speaks of "love", in reality, it does so only metaphorically. It is a metaphor for "life". "Sometimes" may have saccharine lyrics about things about me you just have to know, but isn't that really the same way with life, as it is otherwise?

Life makes sweet promises, but the realities are harsh. Life is unpredictable, so sometimes I'd run, sometimes I'd hide.

Sometimes, indeed, but NOT all the time. Ergo, the true measure of a human person's capacity for transcendence is his ability to know when the right time for that sometime is, and when it isn't.

But really, all I need is time.

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