Thursday, December 24, 2009

Scrooge McGrinching...

.:Please Do NOT Wish Me A Merry Christmas If...:.

1. ... You're bugging me while I'm in line for a taxi cab and you "don't have fare". Why'd you even go to the mall in the first place if you didn't have fare to get back home? And did you know mendicancy is illegal and I get penalized for it?

2. ... It's in the form of an empty envelope. Seriously, don't cheapen Christmas by equating it to money. If you're a Christian, it is the birth of your Lord and Savior. It's not a cash-grab.

3. ... If you're my cab driver and you refuse to turn the meter on. You won't like what's gonna happen next.

4. ... If Santa is more important to you than Jesus Christ. Ya know, Christ. The guy who CHRISTmas is all about?

.:But DO Wish Me A Merry Christmas, If...:.

1. ... YOU MEAN IT.

Merry Christmas, jabronis!

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