Thursday, March 06, 2003

Bah Gawd, I'm going to miss my Performance class with Mr. Jimmy P... (Jim Paredes, that is.)

I enjoyed that class immensely. Where else can you have genuine fun and learn the deeper meaning of life at the same time in the entirety of the Comm. Department? Haha-haha! Nah, I'm just playing...

Nonetheless, I've talked a bit about the goings-on in my classes there... or have I? I'm not really sure, because I only talk about stuff I can remember, anyway.

I saw the full version of Ring 2 and Ring 0 last night, in what turned out to be a Ringu sprint (Too short to be a mini-marathon...). Grace didn't manage to watch with me. She got too sleepy. I intend to rewrite my reviews (aka synopsis. Haha-haha!) for the Ringu series in due time, but I want to finish my last review on Shanghai Knights first... really entertaining film, but really filled with some shortcomings. I'll get to it next time.

New link: Imee! My advertising classmate last year, and one of the people you can surely turn to for intelligent conversation... other than Grace, she's the first person I've ever managed to give any help to regarding blogs... I think. I'm sure it's clear I'm an HTML scrub and all, but I got lucky today. With that said, I managed to get a NEW site counter, thanks to her. At least I can see it this time, whereas last time out, I had to be at Grace's house to see it... :biggrin:

Talk about a heated debate. Today's Theological debate on contraception turned out to be a battle of rhetorics, as "Shut ups" and "Sit Your *word omitted* downs" were exchanged, even logical arguments were thrown out the window, as the debaters tried to up one another in getting reactions from the audience. I was chairing it as usual, and I was pretty lenient with a lot of stuff, though I took offense to the government, who forced the opposition to cut their speech after the time limit. Only the chair can do that, and the chair doesn't do that until one minute has elapsed.

Afterwards, wicked old Fr. Reyes showed us his bag of goodies, involving contraceptives I have seen only for the first time in my life, and even diagrams on how to use them. He was pretty paranoid about having people pass along the hallways, and it was a hoot seeing him do all that stuff...

I spoke to a certain friend of mine last night. I just had to tell that friend that I still regard and treat her as my best friend, whether or not she reciprocates. I know it wouldn't mean much to her, but for me to have that out of the way counts a lot. At least, I'm clear on where I stand with her, and I don't mind if she doesn't return the favor... it's a great load off my chest to tell her that, really...

Oh. One last thing. Unlike HER, you are not Chinese. Therefore, if you don't watch it, you are fair game. Oh, it's true! It's true!

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