Monday, March 31, 2003

So many things to blog about, so little time. What say I toss the ideas for now, and edit this post in the near future, eh?

1. I was at Quark Henares' film class, and I saw that film Bobby was shooting where I starred as an extra... I will never look at Abby, or her boyfriend Bro, in the same way again... :laughs:

2. I checked my grade at the Philo dep, and I got an A for my oral exams. I then had a nice, long talk with April Rojales, Dom Banal, and Mr. Bulaong...

3. I miss hearing from all the other people I blog-hop to... I'm so stressed lately... I don't even know much about how they are...

4. I need cyber-hugs, and fast! :biggrin:

5. We had a party at the house yesterday, and Grace was there with me... :blush:

6. Details to follow.

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