Monday, March 17, 2003

A new player joined the RAW Deal tournament this Saturday and won on his first try. Congratulations to Jerry Hao for winning the Undisputed Title.

Anyways, after that, I actually managed to find a copy of Fire Pro Wrestling that saves! Finally! I'm really enjoying the game right now, and there're still so many things I have yet to unlock... Haha-haha!

Sach, I hope you're reading this... are you free sometime this week? I need to talk to you about graduate studies... there're certain things I have to work out and all, and since I know you're planning on going for graduate studies, I thought you'd be the perfect person to talk to about it.

Anyways, I'm a bit worried about my history long test's outcome, but whatever happens, I hope I get exempted. Not getting exempted will mean that I'm going to have to reschedule my Philosophy oral exams, and that could spell trouble for me, since I will prolly be left with a slot I don't want to have. Nonetheless, things are pretty much okay with me right now. I'm going to be Grace's study taskmaster/ slave driver for this week, so as to make sure she can review really well for her finals... all the power to her.

I actually saw Jologs yesterday. Still, I don't feel like writing a review for it. All I can say is that whoever wrote the film was a veritable genius. Everything in the film just really falls into place. It was amazing! Of course, I wasn't a big fan of some members of the cast itself... but that Jodi Sta. Maria was a revelation as far as acting goes. Same with that martial artist girl whose name escapes me at the moment. There just might be hope for the Philippine movie industry if talents like these can offset the Maui Taylors and the Aleck Bovicks of our industry...

Anyways, I guess there's room for one teeny vituperation... it's about a certain prick in SM Centerpoint. The little brat, around 10 or so years of age, was trying to mooch a game from me and Grace as we were playing Dance Maniax together for the first time in ages. She'd dance behind us, and then GET IN GRACE'S WAY. Little prick was lucky that she's a she, and she's little, or my patience would've run out a lot sooner. She even had the gall to push Grace aside whenever she was losing. That's simply irritating, because the reason Grace was having trouble was because of the girl in the first place. I so totally wanted to snap her neck after the game... oh, if she does that again, I prolly will. She's not worth the cerebral manipulations of grand design that I reserve for the worst of enemies, but she's still a thorn in my girlfriend's side. That's reason enough for me to lay some serious smackdown.

To offset that agony, I suppose I have to say that my fighting game style is steadily improving. My KOF 2K2 is still getting there, and once I perfect Choi's combo and find my third character (Yashiro is doing wonders, but Shermie's really falling flat.), I suppose I can get going already. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was actually surprising: I had a string of 9 wins before losing to a fag who knows my playing style inside-out. There goes the strategy I ripped from last year's MvC2 world champion... yep, Spiral, Cable, and Cyclops sure work magically well together... Haha-haha!

Of course, when I'm done mastering that team, I can move on to less cheesier combinations...

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