Monday, March 03, 2003

I don't know how I should feel. Should I be relieved? Should I be saddened? Hence, good old first person for this post, thanks to all the mixed emotions...

Looks like my stepdad isn't angry at me. Despite that, he is EXTREMELY disappointed at my having missed my grandfather's cremation.

I guess he really felt sad because despite all the change, it's still the same old, same old, beneath it all. Maybe I have to start admitting that I'm not prioritizing my family as highly as I should. And then, maybe I should actually prioritizing it the way I ought to. He even quoted that song... "That's just the way it is. Some things will never change.", and at the same time, he wished for me to get out of my biological family's tendency to NOT have a single ounce of family solidarity. Sound advice from the person I've recognized as my father for the past eight or so years...

Needless to say, I'm touched. And challenged.

Grace's thesis defense was a success. Unfortunately, the defense was:

1. Only for approval. It's not yet the defense of a FINISHED thesis, and...

2. The thesis in question has some information on how soya, particularly in Taho, a Philippine morning drink/snack, can cause men to be impotent, and can even
lead to prostate cancer... uh-oh. I LOVE Taho. :gasps:

It just ocurred to me that I saw my name on a certain person's blog, listing me as one of her best friends. The feeling is mutual, jabroni. The feeling is mutual. I just didn't want to say so, because I tend to "curse" my "best friendships" by declaring them a wee bit too early... refer to names like Andrea, Abby, and Reinne for proof on that. I'm sure they wouldn't mind their names ending up on the list, because it's all water under the bridge by now.

Why am I not mentioning her name? I don't want to "curse" it... and, I might've misread the name. Who knows? Happened twice to me with Sacha... although it's more like misheard, and more like "heard what I wanted to hear". That's why I stopped assuming things with me and her now. And I think that's all good, isn't it, Sach? :grins:

Thanx to Madame no Miko (Link, with due permission, coming up.) for her help on the Registered Trademark... See? It's the Phenom's Fury® !!! :evil smile:

I just saw The Others. Yep. That makes FOUR reviews I'd have to fork over to you people. Hey, I don't mind. I just need some time to get to it...


1. Charlie (aka Doggie.), the ultimate amalgam of slave and master (Slave to whom he chooses to be one, master of the things he does best.)! Pretty nifty content, and as much as possible, he avoids the depressing stuff. That's a lot more than can be said about MY content... :laughs:

Not to be confused with Charles, though...

2. Elbert, comic books connoiseur, extraordinaire. A huge otaku, too. Surprisingly, he has yet to discover the wonderful world of OB. Maybe I should let him in on it...

Still haven't asked Sach if it's okay to link to her site/wiki... maybe I should ask her here? If you're reading, is it okay?

Ah, well. No angst, no content? I beg to disagree... :)

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