Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Okay. Let's do a little plugging... new link again! Melina! She's Maia's friend, one of the members of the Pantheon extension (According to Maia's blog, that is.), and from what I have read from her so far, a very imaginative writer. I never liked fan fic much until I came along the Pantheon... :)

I told Mr. Bulaong yesterday that I keep a blog, and I intend to give him the URL at the end of the semester (Seeing as how he's heading to Germany after the schoolyear to get his Ph.D...).

Mr. Bulaong: Why give it only at the end of the schoolyear?

Me: I might've bashed you somewhere in my blog. I'd have to delete it first...

For the record, I haven't ever bashed Mr. Bulaong in my blog. I was just playing. I have not bothered editing any of my archives, and it will register at the end of each post, anyway, if it was changed at a different date... :biggrin:

As for yesterday's search for Fire Pro Wrestling, I found a store in Glorietta that carried the game... for 1,395 bucks. Are you mad? That very same game is available for 620 bucks in Greenhills! (My only problem there being the fact that the Greenhills version doesn't save. On the other hand, there's no guarantee that the former's copy does.) I also ended up trying Easy 2 Dancer, something I've been meaning to do for ages. Not bad at all... I managed to churn out a decent performance, and I had fun. Obviously, they will probably take me to school if I dare to go for it with them around... :laughs:

*The following is partly an IC (In Character) Post.*

A few good people are about to graduate... :sighs:

Marcelle feels it's about time he gave a few words to them, lest he never sees them again. It's sad when you're close with the batch ahead of you... it's always the case wherein you simply don't think about it the first few years, but when they're almost going to march and receive their diplomas, you just begin to realize that they wouldn't be part of your daily routine come the next year. No more "intelligent" conversation, no more running of games under them, no more hanging around the ROTC office while waiting for them as they intimidate their cadets/cadettes... and so forth. Marcelle offers this post to them.

Yaiba: To this date, it will always take me a few seconds before I remember his real name. Yaiba's nickname has been so stuck to my psyche already... pretty much the funny guy. (Well, actually, everyone in the Calf Up's Ministry is pretty funny...) He's the ROTC officer I've been talking about, and I can tell he's one of the more merciful ones. Anyways, I'm glad I still got to see him yesterday. I was beginning to think I'd have to look for him in Unilever a couple of months soon to find him...

Cyril: And here I was, hoping to be calling you Fr. Cyril. You've been one of the best people to turn to for advice. What else can I expect from a Gabay member, right? :biggrin: Anyways, I hope you'll stay fine... I haven't much else to tell you but a huge amount of thanx for everything you've done for me. You can be extremely hilarious one moment, then extremely serious the next. You also play a pretty mean game with Zangief. It's all about the groping he does, I suppose... as a certain friend elsewhere would say, "gayness is the key"!

Sacha: Well, I'll be seeing you next year, most likely as my prof, anyway. I'll talk about you a little more when I'm graduating. :laughs:

Ato: Well, same here I guess. You're still coming back for one more year. Too bad you can't take Sach... unless you want to take up Computer Architecture, the only other class she'll be teaching next schoolyear. Despite that, I have to thank you for this year. We had a lot of great conversations, from the most mundane of topics to your Harry Potter fan fiction. Also, I owe to you the skills I have acquired in Dead or Alive 2. I don't think I could've stepped up to this level without your help...

Christine: Not part of the Calf Up Ministry. We've been friends since High School, and though we hardly talk to each other now, I suppose we're still on good terms. I don't know if I'd be seeing her again after she graduates, but I suppose she'll be just fine. Good luck.

*Goes OOC (Out of Character)*

I'm pretty sure there are others, but I guess I'll mention them in a future post.

I guess I haven't much else to say. Enjoy the rest of your day. (That rhymes!)

.: Addendum :.

I have no idea what makes for a good thought break, so for now, the one you saw above will have to do... :laughs.

I just came from today's debate in Theology for abortion... yeah, it's cliche and all, but I managed to squeeze out some entertainment value from it, as I went around like The Rock for the entirety of the five minutes. There were even shades of Austin with the "What?" chants, but I guess the people there didn't know about it.

Here's the moment of the debate (Yes. No other moment got half as much reactions!):

*Guy stands up to give a POI*

Me: So what do you think?

Guy: I think...

Me: *Interrupting him* It doesn't matter what you think! Sit down, jabroni!

I don't think I can get away with that in a formal debate... at least, not anymore... but anyways, I enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure even the Government side enjoyed it. That's just the way I debate, and while it might seem brash and annoying, the other people in the ADS are used to my style by now. Haha-haha!

I have Koihime in my hands right now... Haha-haha!

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