Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Charles, thanx for the heads-up. I don't think I'd be having problems with that attire requirement at all, seeing how many times I've tried to do impressions of Mr. Bulaong. Not that I was ever stellar (When I finally got the hang of it, I didn't want to do it any longer.), but nonetheless, I sure as Hades know what he wears, at the very least... I'd prolly look like an overgrown Ateneo High student. Haha-haha!

What else can I say today? I suppose yesterday, I ended up talking with *jaded* again. I guess I wasn't such great conversation yesterday... my mind was fixated on Theology (Here we go again.). A huge part of me wants to just settle for a B, but if I can hit the B+, all the better. I won't be too dissatisfied now, knowing that I got the biggest rub from Mr. Sev, my PR teacher, regarding my (What I thought to be waning.) writing skills. I got a good grade for my PR article, and the comment was "Worth Publishing." Bah Gawd, I missed getting my works published. I guess I had a drought of creativity, but if I really pushed myself to it, I can still write and approximate my level of public speaking now. (Three years of Debate training will make your speaking improve. Count on it.)

I should be happy, but here we go again with the nameless, faceless depression. Not to worry... I'm not going to let it just go get the best of me, lest I end up showing Ma'am Sining (My former Psych prof.) that I really AM manic-depressive... Haha-haha!

Hopefully, I can be less grade conscious by next schoolyear, but that's my most crucial year. I screwed up my first year so badly that I need to get 3.8 each sem or so to still get a cum laude... again, I want to just content myself with getting honorable mentions, because that doesn't need much effort on my part, and I wouldn't mind taking very challenging professors like Mr. Callasanz or *gasps* Sacha Chua.

Maybe I should take a break from blogging. I feel like I'm beginning to have recurring topics now...

Then again, I will obviously end up taking a break once summer hits.


I was an extra for a shooting in Bobby Bonfiacio's movie project. But that's not my point. Bobby, my former blockmate, picked Abby as one of the main cast. Funny thing is, when I saw Abby's boyfriend hug her and all that, I didn't even recognize that it was Abby. I thought I saw somebody else, because I don't recall ever seeing her wearing what she was wearing a while ago. Likewise, there was just something so... different about her. She even looked more like Madeline Dy than herself... :laughs: sorry about the inside jokes.

I'm still a bit down... while I'm not all too worried about Philosophy, there is actually a chance that I'd get exempted and still end up with a B+ in History.

But of course that's not the main reason why I'm down.

I think the main reason is that I really have no idea what I can do to fix up the differences I have with certain people. Some of these people are people I'd have to deal with for the rest of my life. God knows I love my family, and I love Grace, but even then, the differences we have with each other keep me from having a stellar, near-perfect relationship with them. I know I have some kinks in my system to work out, especially with my patience, but even then... these problems are unsettling for me. Nonetheless, Grace and I are still very much together, and I'm sure fine with my family, regardless of how bad they view me to be.

Content like this makes me wish I had a livejournal. I sure need that code, and fast.

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