Monday, March 10, 2003

I guess I'm pretty much okay right now. I've been reading up on the blogs you can see in my links, and well, it's sort of a lull. Nothing monumental happening, whether on the happy or sad extreme of the spectrum. I think that's pretty good, especially when one of the blogs concerns the "L" word. Haha-haha! I'm glad things are turning out fine for you... really glad.

I'll be linking to Sach as soon as I can see the link she gave me. It seems to be down right now.

I'm working on Grace's blog, too. But I can't link to it yet, since it's far from done... Haha-haha!

My mom's back from the States! Oh, happy day!

I suppose the latest issue of FHM is a must-have. I'm not a big fan of Andrea del Rosario, much less Belinda Bright, but I must say that their articles are very interesting reads, so it's worth the 120 bucks you're shelling out. Trust me on this. It's all about the articles. There aren't too many pictures to speak off, anyway, and I've been less of a visual person lately. That's prolly due to radio.

Spoke to an old friend of mine (And an old crush. Way before I knew Grace. Only goes to show that intelligence used to be my main criteria, hence the glasses then, over the current Chinese fascination, which will lead to nothing more than looking.), Ellen. We just talked about old times and all. Apparently, she's taking up Nursing right now or P.T. in U.P. Manila, and I guess she's kind of buried under all that work. She actually got thinner, and for a 5'5 girl to be down to 98 pounds, I must say that she needs to start gaining some weight again. I still remember that joke we kept on teasing her with, when Brod Pete was still in full swing... "Ellen!" (With matching raise-the-roof actions.) Ah, well.

The both of us are perfectionists, but her motivation comes from her family and studying. My motivation comes from talking to people, and studying. Sparingly, I might add. Still, we share quite a great deal of similarities, and she's also part of the DWXI broadcast, along with other people I know.

I haven't much else to say. I still haven't fully digested the new text from Mr. Bulaong...

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