Friday, March 21, 2003

A note to all those who will be reading my Philosophy answers (Particularly those who are also taking Mr. Bulaong's oral exams...) somewhere below...

All answers will be available before Tuesday. Good luck in your Philosophy exams. Let me remind you that while I may be quite fond of Philosophy, I'm far from being an authority on it. If you do pore through the content of the answers, all I ask for in return is to leave me a guestbook entry, and/or maybe a Shout-Out. I'd really appreciate a remembrance from the jabronis I've been Philosophizing with for the past year. Hopefully, we'd see each other again next year.

Again, the best of luck to all of us, and God bless you all.


I'm a bit saddened nobody showed up at the Philosophy group study in Starbucks... but then, I guess it's more of the fact that it was ill-organized than the fact that it was I who was organizing it...

I dunno. Shades of high school, perhaps? I suppose that's the main reason I got a bit affected by it.

Still, not my loss, and with the war going on, there are far more pertinent matters to consider... (Though not all war-related, I suppose.)

Anyways, it's too bad that a certain somebody decided to just pick up the ball and go home. Seriously, you don't start a fight and expect to run away unscathed after handing out a single sucker-punch. At the very least, from an outsider's point of view (Such as mine.), this should be settled into silence by an apology, or at the very least, a declaration of ceasefire. Otherwise, you will certainly be fair game, (Offense meant here.) jabroni.

And since there's precedent on my part (Refer to that long quote I posted last February 16 or so.), why don't I try and do something similar to the (vaunted) verbal acrobatics Maia and Melina gave out in response to the issue? Well, there are two very good reasons.

1. I'm not directly involved, and though I reserve the Phenom's Fury®; for roody-poohs who get on the nerves of the people who matter to me, I can see that the offender wasn't significant enough for even those whom she offended.

2. There's more to me than verbal acrobatics (Though I wouldn't be surprised if Maia and co. are actually the same. But I think they're nicer in that they'd tell you what's going to happen). If ever I really had to act, always remember: I. Don't. Stop. At. Verbal. Assault. Or have we all forgotten about that promo I cut a couple of weeks ago that I thought I was going to delete but never did? :grins evilly:

Short post just to get all these vituperations out of the way...

Oh. And pardon the wrestlespeak again. I'm getting the hang of it, and one day, I may end up in good ol' Jim Ross' plum position... what wishful thinking. Haha-haha!

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