Monday, March 03, 2003

Time to make a movie review... let's start with Daredevil. Obviously, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

Daredevil, as most of you know by now, is a blind superhero, the alter ego of the lawyer Matt Murdoch. In the film, he's a pro bono lawyer, and that premise alone lends to the question: where'd he get the money for all that equipment? Gio was pretty clever to point this fact out.

In exchange for his blindness, Matt Murdoch's remaining senses remained powerful, and even more curiously, he gained a "radar sense" from his heightened sense of hearing, which simply means that he can do without seeing, and in some cases, he's better off with his radar sense. This radar sense of his is good enough for him to be extremely adept in combat, and even more interestingly, few people who know he's blind realize this uncanny ability he has.

While the plot for the film was pretty convoluted, I liked the villains in the film. I can now forgive the people who made the film for getting Michael Clark Duncan to play Kingpin, since he played it so well. The Kingpin, after all, has been my favorite non-superpowered Marvel Villain. Bullseye, while wanting of a costume, sure worked for me, sans the weird dialogue that most of us didn't really appreciate. Some quips were put in the hopes of being funny/being salient, but apparently, the writer didn't have such a way with words, barring the "Guardian Devil" statement at the end.

The movie is screaming for a sequel, even if Elektra, Daredevil's love interest, died. Ben Affleck surprised me with his decent performance, as well as everyone else. Given a lousy script to work with, they sure milked it for what it was worth.

Loath that I am, I LOVED the fighting scenes of Daredevil. I'd daresay they were better than Spider-Man's, not just because it wasn't CG, but more so because the Goblin and Spidey's final battle was more of a slugfest than anything else. Even Kingpin and Daredevil's fight scene sported more flair to it.

This movie is worth watching, and the soundtrack for this film is a killer. If you don't mind all the weird loopholes in the story, and just want to see some good action that might pass off as realistic enough, this is the movie for you, jabroni.

Marcelle's Evaluation: B

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