Saturday, March 08, 2003

I had a nice conversation with Cyril today... yeah, you might say that we had a lot to talk about with one another, what with him graduating, and the news I heard that he's no longer going to push through with priesthood...

He also played some Street Fighter Alpha 3 on my GBA, which surprisingly did not run out of batteries until during the OB eyeball in honor of madame sky's (I might bookmark her website here, but it's an H site... besides, she can be found in OB, anyway.) birthday last Thursday. I arrived pretty late there, because I had to meet up with *jaded* for a preliminary draft of something... I'm sure you can guess what it was about. The eyeball was pretty fun, and I met a few new people, like Snakecharmer, who's been also helping me with my Ampersands, just like his sister, Madame no Miko. The GBA version of SFA 3 proved to be deceptively difficult for the people who borrowed it, since they all got pretty disoriented with the controls.

Discussions fluctuated with different topics, including two recently banned members. It was pretty funny, actually. It was too bad Grace couldn't go there, as madame sky kept on joking that I was just a "plus one", and wasn't invited without Grace.

Lately, it seems that Chico and Delamar have been coming up with fun Hot 10 topics. In one of the topics (The Hot 10 responses to someone who says "You're Ugly!"), Chico was supposed to say "You're ugly" to Delle each time, so Delle will read off a response. Some notable responses... nah! I'll make that the Top Five two weeks from now... it was just funny, because during one of the entires, Chico ended up blurting to Delle "Pangit AKO!" instead of "Pangit KA!" Hilarious. Really hilarious.

The topic last Friday, on the other hand, was a killer... the Hot 10 worst lines from a Tagalog movie or telenovela. Guess what? We have another Top Five, three weeks from now! :biggrin: But here're a few samples...

Dennis Padilla: O! Saan ka pupunta?
Vina Morales: Magpapakamatay ako!
Dennis Padilla: Sige. Ingat.

Lito Lapid: Ano'ng kulay ng bolpen na hawak ko?
Villain: Itim.
Lito Lapid: Gawin nating pula! *Tsug.* (Stabs villain.)

Just to remind myself... atomic bomb, joking, holding hands, showdown, and outnumbered.

WWE RAW is showing in Solar now... but I don't have cable. Shucks.

Failed another quiz in Philo. I can live with that... :laugh:

New links:

1. Shunichi Sakurai! There're few people you'd have greater respect for than former antagonizers who you manage to get along with eventually. Works both ways, actually.

2. Madame no Miko! Generally regarded as the motherly mod of OB, she's a very interesting read, to say the least. I've never seen her personally, but I can say that she's one of the persons I really can count on in a pinch, as far as OB is concerned. Calling her a wonderful human being would be an understatement.

Well, that's it. Marcelle will be gone for the weekend, jabronis! :)

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